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BrightStar Career Ladders

August 2nd, 2016

Working for BrightStar Care of Salt Lake City - Employee Updates July 2016

There's a new poster on the wall in our brand new office.
It is a reminder to all who work here that job fairBrightStar Care values its employees and invests in them through our new employee advancement program called Career Ladders.
By the time you are reading this article in late July, we will have finished about two-thirds of our employee performance evaluations to catch us up to where we need to be.

Going forward, all new employees will have an employee performance evaluation at 90 days, six months, and annually.
At each of these junctures, you will be eligible for raises depending on a good performance evaluation and participation in certain educational / leadership activities.

In addition, there are scholarship opportunities available.
Valerie Lemmon has just completed her CNA training and is a brand new CNA as of July 18.
She is the first BrightStar Care employee to receive the CNA scholarship which provides an upfront payment for CNA school tuition and the employee is then responsible for paying half of the tuition back through payroll deductions over time.
Scholarships are also available for LPN and RN programs.

In August and September, we will be starting our Caregiver Coaching and CNA Mentoring programs.
Several staff will be selected to participate in these programs as mentors for new staff during their first few weeks with BrightStar Care.
We are hoping that new staff will benefit from the added support as they come on board.
We will also be launching Leadership Councils for Caregivers / CNAs and nurses.
These councils will discuss processes and policies in order to come up with better ways of doing things and innovative new ways to provide excellent client care at BrightStar Care.
Both the Coaching / Mentoring program and the Leadership Council serve as opportunities for staff to develop in leadership roles.

Career Ladders also provides on-going educational opportunities.
To-date, we have Connections which is a dementia training program used for dementia clients in our care.
We currently have five of our clients who are part of the Connections Program.
We will be offering another Connections training session in August or September.

Also underway is the development of a new Orthopedic Care program and End of Life Care program.
Be on the watch for announcements for trainings regarding these two new programs.
You are also encouraged to tap into BrightConnect for online training available at our new Training Nook located off the reception area in the new office.
Catch up on in-services you have missed and do online training as part of your Career Ladders assignments in preparation for your next performance evaluation.

Finally, as you know, we award three staff members every month at in-service for high performance.
Top employees will also be eligible for special year-end awards as well.

Paid time off, health care benefits, and now Career Ladders are all making BrightStar Care the premier place of employment for home care professionals in the Salt Lake area.