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Health Benefits of Vitamin D for Seniors

March 27th, 2017

Did you know that not only is Vitamin D good for your bones, it can also help protect you from catching colds and other upper respiratory infections?

Vitamin D Helps Salt Lake City Seniors Stay Healthy

Recently in the British Medical Journal 25 researchers from Harvard University, and other major medical centers from around, the world published their findings on vitamin D supplements and the risk of respiratory tract infections.
In this study researchers looked at the results of 25 vitamin D studies involving over 11 thousand people.
Here are four main findings regarding Vitamin D and Seniors:

  1. Taking any vitamin D supplement reduced people's risk of getting an upper respiratory tract infection by 12%.
  2. Those taking a daily dose of vitamin D were 19% less likely to get an upper respiratory tract infection.
  3. For people with a documented vitamin D deficiency, a daily dose of vitamin D reduced their chances of getting an upper respiratory tract infection by 70%.
  4. There were no statistically significant complications of taking vitamin D observed in this study.

The key message of this study is that a daily dose of vitamin D seems to be protective against colds and other illnesses.
However, for those with a documented vitamin D deficiency (which is many people who live in temperate climates like Utah) the protective effects are literally off the charts.

When the researchers looked at how and when to take vitamin D, a daily dose of vitamin D appeared to be most protective.
In this study the researchers found that just taking a daily dose of vitamin D seemed to be what was important. How does vitamin D protect you from colds? Vitamin D has been shown in many studies to strengthen the immune system.
With a strong immune system, bacteria and viruses don’t stand much of a chance.
How can you get more vitamin D naturally?
It is always best if you can get everything your body needs naturally.
When it comes to vitamin D, your very best source is the sun.
If you have had skin cancer, or you have a family history of skin cancer, check with your physician first before spending time in the sun.

In Salt Lake City it is next to impossible to get any meaningful dose of vitamin D from the sun during the winter months.
During the summer, 15 minutes of mid-day sun is all most people need for their daily dose of vitamin D.
When the sun isn’t available, the very best food source is fish.
For example, 4 ounces of salmon provides 128% of the vitamin D you need for the day.
Also, most milks such as cow, almond, soy, etc., are supplemented with vitamin D.
The Take Home Message
The take home message of this study is that we now have pretty strong evidence that vitamin D prevents colds and other illnesses.
To get this benefit, the vitamin D supplement should be taken daily and the best results are for people with a documented vitamin D deficiency.
And because too high doses of Vitamin D can cause heart problems or other complications, please be sure to only take vitamin D under the supervision of your physician.
For most people, they may only need a vitamin D supplement during the winter when they can’t get it naturally from the sun.

Adapted from http://drjohnday.com/does-vitamin-d-prevent-colds-the-latest-research/ the Doctor John Day Newsletter #206.

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