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Ways Companion Care Can Help Your Aging Parent in Green Valley, AZ

March 17th, 2014

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Most people are grateful to have good friends and it doesn’t stop as we age. Remember the theme song from “The Golden Girls?” If your elderly parent or relative is not quite yet to the phase of needing in-home care in Green Valley, AZ but could just use more social stimulation, consider the BrightStar Care’s Companion Care program.

Through the program, caregivers plan activities that your parent will enjoy and even you as the caregiver can take advantage and have some fun, too. The great thing about Companion Care is that it offers a great avenue for making new friends, which the AARP has noted may be difficult as we get older. But providing activities and things in common with other area seniors can make meeting people easier even if your parent’s skills with talking with or meeting new people can be described as rusty as best.

Companionship services can run the gamut of helpful additions to your aging parent’s home environment. The Companionship services include:

  • Visits to the home.
  • Help with writing letters and other correspondence.
  • Help to keep in touch with other friends and loved ones who may be away through social media and email (learning technology is always good and stimulating for aging adults).
  • Support for new moms or moms who are currently expecting.
  • Art projects and reading that can help stimulate your parent.
  • Help with planning your parent’s calendar and schedule.
  • Respite relief as well as options for a sitter service.

From the time we are young, having friends and being able to have someone who wanted to be your friend was important. We tend to appreciate our genuine, weathered friendships more as we age. Still, there’s a psychology behind wanting to have a good friend, according to Psychology Today, which gives several reasons why we need friends:

Taking care of your loved one’s health has to extend beyond just the physical care. Providing for the emotional and mental well-being of your aging parent or relative can make the difference in their physical health and lives as well.

  • Close friends can offer support no matter what the circumstances.
  • Friends can be a good influence. Who else but a best friend will make sure that your parent -- or even yourself -- gets to the gym to work out?
  • Friends keep you from being lonely. Companionship is an important part of being someone’s friend.
  • Friends can be honest with you in the midst of your problems and help you solve them, offering a fresh perspective. Friends will often help you see the big picture.
  • Friends can help you accomplish things and can be relied on in a pinch.
  • A friend who cares about you makes all the difference.
  • Friends help you have fun.

Helping your aging parent or relative meet new people and make good friends is an essential part of looking after their health.

Source: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/fulfillment-any-age/201303/fifteen-reasons-we-need-friends


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