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The Types of In-Home Care Services to Consider

July 12th, 2013

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After you have chosen an elder home care agency to spend time with your loved one, then you also need to know the types of services that are available so that you can choose the best option for your senior's well-being. Many people don’t realize all of the options available for senior home care, and when you learn more about them, you will see that there are choices to suit any situation and any elderly loved one. You need to learn more before you make any decisions, however, so that you can ensure you make the right choice.



Companion Caregiver

Even seniors who are able to take care of their own day-to-day activities may still need someone to visit them. Many home care services offer companion caregivers. This is an option for elderly individuals who still maintain their independence even if they need someone to visit with them and chat or go with them to community activities.

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Home Health Aide

If your loved one needs supportive day-to-day care, then you should consider a home health care aide for your senior home care services. This type of aide can help with a number of things around the house. A home health care aide can:

Take care of house cleaning, including changing linens, doing laundry, washing the dishes, and more.
Change bandages or help patients with other very basic medical needs.
Bathe the patient and help with other hygiene needs.
Pick up prescriptions or run other errands for the patient.

In many cases, a home health care aide can be the right choice from an in-home care service if your loved one doesn’t need any specialty options.


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Skilled Care Services

A nurse is a home care service provider that can focus more on medical issues. The nurse who arrives at your senior loved one's home will be able to administer medication, provide medication set up and/or management, wound care, and injections in addition to other medical care services. Skilled care services include specialized neurological care, blood sugar testing, home infusion therapy, hospice assistance, special needs services, pediatric nursing, and more. If your loved one has medical issues that are of concern, then you should consider this option for elderly home care services.




Some in-home care services offer speech, occupational, and physical therapists who are able to help your senior loved one recover from illness or injury. Older individuals will take much longer to heal after surgery, accidents, illness, and other issues, and they may need more intensive therapy in order to recover.

When you choose home care services for seniors, you will need to consider what type of service will make the most sense for your own elderly loved one. Be sure to think about their medical needs, their current level of independence, and their state of mind. This will help you choose the right home care company for their needs. Remember that you can combine services for your senior if they need a variety of different types of help. A representative from the in-home care agency you choose will help you pick the right services. CLICK HERE for a handy "Buyer's Guide" for homecare services courtesy of BrightStar Care.

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