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Chair Yoga for Seniors

By: Quinn Tobias

Seniors should remain active like individuals of any other age. Chair yoga allows many seniors who have limited mobility to modify various yoga poses to complete in a chair. While individuals may perform these poses in a chair, they offer the same health benefits as standing yoga. These benefits include improving circulation, reducing stress, and loosening tight muscles. With numerous benefits, chair yoga poses for older individuals include the following.


 Sun Salutation Arms

 This upper body pose assists in lengthening the spine and releasing tension in the shoulders and neck. To perform this pose, sit tall in your chair and lift your arms, pressing your palms overhead. As you breathe, inhale and then exhale, then move your arms back down your sides. Repeat this pose three times.




Cat-Cow Stretch

 Working to relieve back and neck tension, this stretch begins with inhaling and arching your back to look up at the ceiling. Then, exhale and pull your abdominals in and round your back as you bend forward. Repeat this movement five times.




Forward Fold

As you exhale, bend forward over your legs. If your hands reach the floor, rest them there and allow your head to hang heavy. Then, on an inhalation, raise your hands over your head. Repeat this movement from a raised to folded position several times with the movement of breath.




Warrior II

 The warrior chair pose provides you a full-body stretch. While in your chair, sit tall on the edge of the seat. Then, bend your left knee to the side and stretch your left leg out behind you. As this occurs, press down through your outer heel. Hold this position for three breaths and then repeat on the other side.




Final Relaxation

As the culminating pose in your yoga session, this pose focuses on relaxing your breathing. To perform the final relaxation pose, place your hands in your lap and close your eyes while sitting in the chair. During the few minutes you do this, your body will absorb the effects of the other poses you have done and carry you into a peaceful rest of your day.


The links provided with each pose serve as a guide for individuals to visually follow as they read over the descriptions of each pose.

Image: https://www.istockphoto.com/vector/beautiful-young-woman-doing-exercises-with-chair-at-home-gm1132485745-300230837