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2019 Senior Care Planning

2019 Senior Care Planning

When is it time to decide you need home care?

Knowing when to step in and provide senior care to an aging Wellington adult is important

Discussing the possibility of care there can come a point where clients can’t care for themselves, or it’s not safe for them to live in their homes alone. Then home care can be a good solution. Determining when that point comes is usually a family decision, but families tend to procrastinate this decision. Fifty-four percent of people surveyed would rather have “the bird and the bees talk” with their kids than “the senior care” talk with their parents. Most aging clients don’t like the idea of adult children trying to push them out of their homes and into assisted living.

You can help by starting discussions about care options with aging relatives. If you bring it up, let them know that you realize it’s not an easy topic to discuss. But remind them that it’s better to discuss it sooner rather than later, when their options for insurance or care may be fewer and the costs may be higher.
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