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Support and Help for Seniors Living at Home Alone

When You are Alone or Need Help, a Home Care or Home Health Care Check can Help.

If you are sick and at home alone, do you have a friend who can bring you a bowl of soup or help with your laundry?

Most people living alone do not want to impose on their friends when they feel sick, and especially if they could be contagious because no one wants to get their friends sick. Many Portland adults live alone and may feel isolated when they are healthy, but when they become sick, feelings of isolation can sometimes lead to more serious health concerns. BrightStar Care of Portland companionship and home health care services can help older adults who are isolated at home, especially when they are sick or recovering from an illness.

When you are sick and need temporary help, our Director of Nursing Laurie Mccain, RN, our Clinical Director Wendy Kucherhan, and Nurse/Owner Lori Calder-Miller, RN, can help monitor and care for you or your loved one. Calder-Miller explains, “Whether someone has a debilitating illness or temporary illness like the flu, our home care agency can provide qualified experts and compassionate and personal home and health care assistance on a temporary or long-term basis.”   

If you need someone to check in on you or a loved one, or you need a temporary in-home caregiver that can provide relief and assistance in a comfortable place other than a hospital setting, BrightStar Care can offer support with:

  • Meal preparation
  • Running errands
  • Light house cleaning
  • Laundry 

“There is no need to recover from an illness alone because we are here to help,” says Calder-Miller.

BrightStar Care offers 24/7 around the clock care and hourly care for Portland seniors. Our private-duty home health care services include companionship, personal care, transportation, medication assistance, and skilled nursing. We proudly serve the Beaverton, Tualatin, Lake Oswego, Gaston, Newberg, Portland, Hillsboro, and Forest Grove areas.

For more information on how BrightStar Care supports seniors and families, and to learn more about our companionship and support for Portland Seniors, please Click Here.