From “Undercover Boss” Comes CareTogether<sup>TM</sup>

April 18, 2011

CareTogether™ is a free and secure online care manager geared toward helping upwards of 50 million family caregivers nationwide to organize and work with friends and family to deliver all aspects of care through scheduling, messaging, task lists and resources, all so that the family caregiver can ensure they have all the support they need to provide the best care possible for their loved one(s).

BrightStar Co-Founders JD and Shelly Sun recently went “undercover” with BrightStar caregivers on hit CBS series “Undercover Boss” to get back in touch with those on the front line providing care for the thousands of families we serve each and every day.

One of the caregivers that Shelly joined was James, who provided KidCare services for the 2-year-old quadruplets of a military family. During her time with the family, Shelly helped facilitate a Skype call between the children and their father, who was serving overseas, so he could stay in the loop on the care BrightStar was providing. She was so moved by the experience that she wanted to find a way to help other families connect to organize care and keep friends and loved ones in the loop. Check out the preview below.

Shelly’s experience with James and the military family helped bring CareTogether™ as a family resource website to fruition. Whether it’s your children or an aging parent, using CareTogether™ to manage appointments, ask others for help, send updates and more is easy, free and completely private.