Celebrate National Nurses Week 2016

May 6, 2016
This week, we are celebrating hardworking nurses across the country during National Nurses Week, which runs from May 6–12. BrightStar Care employs more than 5,000 nurses, including registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and licensed vocational nurses. Whether they’re developing personalized plans of care, administering medication, or assisting with daily living, at-home nurses are the very backbone of our organization. They’re the reason we’re able to deliver “A Higher Standard of Home Care.” Join BrightStar Care in saluting the dedicated nurses who touch all of our lives.
BrightStar Care’s Featured Nurses BrightStar Care would like to honor the 2016 Nurse of the Year Regional Winners. These nurses are shining beacons of what it means to be an at-home nurse: passionate, tireless, dedicated, and exceptional at what they do. These nurses were nominated out of thousands of skilled nurses. 2016 Northeast Region Nurse of the Year: Daisy Cruz One coworker who nominated Daisy wrote, “Whether Daisy is coaching a caregiver in a specific competency, checking with a doctor on a client’s change in condition or talking to a family member about equipment needed, her focus is always on her client/patient.” 2016 Midwest Region Nurse of the Year: Kelly Honn Kelly’s supervisor had this to say about Kelly: “She has a nurse’s intuitive sense about care quality issues…Kelly is usually so easygoing, but when it comes to patient safety, we see a much more determined Kelly.” 2016 Southeast Region Nurse of the Year: Vashti Johnson The owner of a BrightStar Care facility in North Carolina wrote, “I see a passion in Vashti that can’t be taught in nursing school. A passion to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. Not afraid to speak up and be an advocate to clients when their care is being compromised by outside parties.” 2016 West Region Nurse of the Year: Elise Troske-Roberts A BrightStar Care owner in Washington praised Elise for her hard work, saying, “She serves with passion and she makes a difference. She advocates for her patients and she’s unflappable in doing so.”
How to Show Your Appreciation during Nurses Week This week, we’re encouraging our followers to share their gratitude toward the dedicated nurses in their lives. Whether you want to write a handwritten thank-you note saying, “Happy Nurses Day!” or deliver a fresh bouquet of flowers to a nurse in your life, take a photo of your act of kindness and upload it to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag #ThankANurse. If you’re looking for more ideas for nurse gifts, read our blog post full of suggestions. Happy Nurses Week!