Listen and Learn About Our Evidence Based Dementia Care Program

February 9, 2016
Health Professional Radio logoSharon Roth Maguire, the Chief Clinical Quality Officer and resident RN of BrightStar Care, recently went on the radio to discuss in-home dementia care and transitional care. Health Professional Radio’s Neal Howard reached out again because of her vast knowledge of the healthcare industry, nearly 30 years of experience. Maguire highlighted BrightStar Care's specialty in caring for dementia patients. “It’s absolutely true that the older you live, the older you live to be the more likely you are to develop dementia,” Maguire said. “And so truly by the nature of the kind of care we give in the home and the nature of the clients that we see, we do have a large number of residents or clients with dementia. But what we have done is develop a wonderful proprietary evidence-based approach, very person-centered around the care of individuals living with dementia. This is a passion of mine as someone who in their professional career has worked with many, many families who have loved ones with dementia.” BrightStar Connections, the name of BrightStar Care's dementia program, was chosen specifically to reflect how important those connections are to people with dementia. While being stimulated and cognitively engaged is important, Maguire said it’s all about interpersonal connection. “I always talk about folks with dementia in terms of how important it is to them to be acknowledged for who they are today and who they once were and equally important who they still can be. And just because I have a diagnosis of dementia doesn’t mean I’m any less of a person than I once was. Our program really has been designed to beautifully capture all of those attributes and support that individual’s dementia in being all they can be and honoring them for who they are, who they were and they still want to be and helping the family have that mindset as well.” BrightStar Connections features a Daily Connections tool that captures the essence of a person with dementia, including their stressors and soothers, as well as specially trained staff that not only learn to care for people with dementia, but also how to help support and educate their families. Maguire said the dementia program is a marriage between the Alzheimer’s Association and The Joint Commission, which she commends: “... using these standards of the Joint Commission around the National Patient Safety Goals really puts the care scenario at a much higher level, much higher standard than it would be with another provider who wasn’t necessarily following these National Patient Safety Goals. So it’s a wonderful marriage of these very high standards from both The Alzheimer’s Association as well as The Joint Commission that allows our BrightStar Care program to be something truly special.” Maguire added that because of BrightStar’s brand standard of “Guaranteed Compatibility,” they find a caregiver who’s really going to connect with a client. “Because you’re trying to find similar traits and characteristics that complement each other, and that’s a very powerful part of our platform.” You can listen to the entire program and hear from Sharon Roth Maguire about BrightStar Care's cutting edge dementia program. For more information about dementia care and other in-home support services, contact the BrightStar Care office near you.