Community Resources & Services for Elder Care

September 25, 2014
For older adults who are looking to maintain independence, there are a growing number of private and public organizations that offer home and community-based services. Many of these services can help solve long-term care issues and ease the stress of the caregiver. According to AARP, these services, which include occasional household help to 24/7 in-home care, are provided by nurses, trained aides and volunteers.

Here is some information to get you started, thanks to AARP:
  • Elder Care Locator. Get help finding local services in your loved one’s community.The locator provides area-specific recommendations for stuff like home care, meal plans, transportation options and more. Use their helpful website.
  • Companionship Services. Local agencies on aging often provide affordable services where older adults are matched with a companion who checks in on a regular basis – both in person and over the phone – to provide home supervision, reassurance and friendly, social interaction. This can relieve guilt from caregivers who would like to help more often. Contact your state’s agency on aging for more information.
  • General Housekeeping and Upkeep. For those unable to handle laundry, cooking, errands and shopping, homemakers and home-care aides can come in handy. They can also assist with bathing and dressing. These providers, including ones that help with home repair services, usually charge an hourly rate. Check your state’s agency on aging or local senior center to find these services.
  • Meal Programs. Making meals daily can become a huge stress on older adults. A meal delivery service may be needed, or some facilities can offer group meals. Call your local senior center for more information.
  • Senior Centers. These offer older adults the opportunity to gather with their peers in a casual setting and participate in a variety of activities and programs. These centers provide an engaging environment for our older loved ones to age successfully and with fulfillment. Exercise classes, day trips, excursions and even continuing education classes are some of the centers’ features.

Visit the National Council on Aging’s website. For more information on senior resources in your community, contact a local BrightStar Care.