Download: Home Safety Checklist

July 1, 2019

Most people want to live in their own home for as long as possible, and our aging loved ones are no different. But as they get older, it is important to take the right precautions to help keep them safe.

We created this Home Safety Checklist to help you know what to look for the next time you visit mom or dad. Some simple adjustments can make all the difference. Download our printable checklist or continue reading to review our tips for each room.

General (all living areas)home-safety-flyer-download-graphic-(1).jpg

– Check that carpeting/rugs are secured to the floor and are not frayed
– Place working smoke detectors in hallways and near sleeping areas
– Set water heater at 110°F or lower to prevent accidental scalding
– See that overload protection is provided by either circuit breakers or fuses
– Tack electric cords along walls away from traffic, NOT under rugs

Stairways & halls

– Make sure steps are clear and in good condition
– Check that handrails are securely fastened
– Place light switches and night lights at both ends of stairs and halls


– Put nonskid mats in the standing area of bathtub/shower
– Install and secure toilet and tub/shower handrails
– Keep electrical appliances away from bathtub or shower area
– Keep a lamp or flashlight within easy reach of the bed
– Do not allow smoking in bed


– Equip gas stoves with pilot lights and automatic cutoffs
– Keep oven mitts handy and turn pot handles away from burners
– See that knives are stowed in a rack or drawer and cupboard doors are closed

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