Meet Kelly Honn, Director of Nursing at BrightStar Care

May 11, 2015
Kelly Honn RN

When 9/11 hit, not a lot of people were investing their money anymore, uncertain of what the future held. That didn’t bode well for financial advisor Kelly Honn. At the time, the 64-year-old was taking care of an elderly neighbor when she was exposed to the health care world. Unhappy with the money industry, Kelly took a big risk and enrolled in nursing school, especially considering she had never even taken a Biology class. It’s safe to say the move worked out. In only seven years, Kelly has moved up the ranks to her current position of DON at the BrightStar Care in Wheaton, Ill. So why did Kelly choose home health care of all things? “I wasn’t pleased with how the whole system of hospital care worked, so I followed my passion and realized how much more compassionate health care is from the home,” she said. “At BrightStar Care, we help transition them by creating clinical pathways and setting up a plan for them to not return to the hospital.” Kelly found out about BrightStar online when searching for nursing jobs. She wanted the element of daily relationship building in the home. She enjoys meeting a client’s entire family and watching them develop through certain stages. Kelly loves the role of leadership at BrightStar. No matter what, each employee looks out for each other. Whatever needs to be done to ensure the optimal client care, Kelly and her team don’t hesitate to sacrifice. “Our BrightStar Care team looks after each other and we are always covering another CNA’s shift if they can’t make it so our clients aren’t left alone,” she said. “Rain, shine or snow storm, we are there for our clients no matter what.” “We are currently in the process of getting our caregivers CPR certified. Our staff is constantly trying to develop professionally to make sure we are providing the Highest Standard of Care.” Kelly said the most challenging part is the hours, as they’re on call 24/7 and “never let a call from a client go to voicemail.” However, the team always has each other’s backs. Actually physically being there with the clients puts the biggest smile on Kelly’s face. “If they are dying in hospice or recovering from a surgery, we cover all spectrums of health care and that’s something I love. Also, the support we provide to the families is very rewarding.”