Cancer Care: a Daughter's Home Care Story

“Cassie went above and beyond with my mother during her time of lung & brain cancer.  She always made herself available to us any time of day or night, and she made that clear to me in the very beginning.  My mother liked her from the moment she met Cassie and the love and bond between the two was very evident.   Cassie encouraged my mom to give each day everything she had inside of her.  She gently nudged her to care for herself on a daily basis and through all this, my mom fought to the very end of her life.  Cassie treated my mother with respect and kindness that sometimes you don’t ever see with family, and when the end drew near, she stayed with us for support and guidance and lovingly cared for my mom 24 hours a day if needed.  My mother was a very hard person to love – she was strong-willed, independent, and didn’t give out many accolades to anyone; but Cassie was different. 

My mother loved her as her own from the first day.  You see, my mom was a CNA for 22 years and boy, was she a tough one!  So mom took Cassie under her wing and was very protective of her from the very beginning.   The professionalism, kindness, love and caring does not come from anywhere but the heart and Cassie showed this everyday toward my mother.  To this day, Cassie still calls me to check on me and I will always love her.”

When you or a loved one has cancer, the last thing you need is the added stress of dealing with the medical aspects of the disease. Cancer treatments and the disease itself can take a lot out of both the patient and their family, making it difficult to remain strong, positive and engaged.

When you need cancer care, from transportation to and from treatment and palliative care to homecare support, respite care and more, let the BrightStar family care for yours. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.