Infusion Therapy: Monica's Home Care Story

I’d like to thank BrightStar for sending Monica as my caregiver. She is one of the most dedicated to her job. People say they care, but she shows it. She always makes my treatments (infusion therapy) go by so great. She is always asking me if I’m okay and if I need anything. She always fits the treatments for my schedule, even if it takes away from hers.

At the end of June, I had a treatment plus I had to be in Birmingham for a test on the last day so she couldn’t give the treatment that afternoon. She gave up her sleep and came early that morning. Plus, she brought me breakfast. She is such a lovable person. I look at her as she was part of my family. If more nurses were like Monica, people would never dread doctors, hospitals, etc.

Thanks again for Monica. She deserves to be rewarded for a job well-done. My family loves her. There is more I could say on her behalf. One time, my arm got red and she was right on the phone to get me medicine prescribed. She handled the situation and made a bad situation better. Thanks!