Many Locations: Using BrightStar Care in Two States

I am a 78 year old retired M.D.  I am a severe quadriplegic secondary to multiple medical setbacks.  The last setback was a severe salmonella infection on April 20, 2013.  Prior to that I could take care of myself, wearing a Med-Alert bracelet, while my wife was on vacation for a week.  Since that time I have required daily care by CNA’s every morning.  (My wife is able to get me into bed at night).  We divide our time between Michigan and Hawaii.  I have used several health care agencies.  We now use BrightStar in both states because of their excellent caregivers.  All told I have had about 12 caregivers in the last two years.  MM is by far the best.  She is very smart and observant.  Once she is shown the routine she never has to be reminded or corrected.  She is very efficient without appearing rushed.  She is always pleasant and friendly.  She is always on time.  My wife is also very satisfied with the housekeeping tasks she does for her.   I can’t imagine anybody better for this work.