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Virginia Hospital Center Plans to Expand to Serve More Patients in Arlington

Complaints from neighboring civic associations push Virginia Hospital Center’s expansion plans out


Reported by Scott McCaffrey of Sun Gazette Newspapers, “The Arlington Chamber of Commerce has weighed in with support for Virginia Hospital Center’s quarter-billion-dollar expansion plans, saying further county-government delays in reviewing the project will impact both its final cost and the hospital’s effectiveness in serving a growing number of patients.”

The Chamber recognized that any development plan can always be made better and have encouraged county officials to focus on the big picture. “The cumulative effect of additional changes [proposed by neighboring civic associations and individuals] needs to be evaluated within the broader context of providing convenient, high-quality, patient-centered health care in a fiscally prudent way,” said Kate Bates, president of the Arlington Chamber.”   Read more here: http://www.insidenova.com/health/arlington-chamber-backs-hospital-s-expansion-plan/article_647f65da-941c-11e8-9bc8-6fdafb4aa536.html

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