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Caring for Loved Ones after Serious Injury or Surgery

BrightStar offers post op rehab care in the Athens area. Our skilled nurses are highly qualified in taking care of post operative patients, and providing the rehabilitative care that they need. Post-op care can include a number of things, including: • Assisting with in home wound care for all incisions • Providing physical therapy to improve range of motion • PICC line care • Dressing changes • Intravenous drug therapy • Managing medications • Injections • Assessing managed care and on-going health Seniors who undergo surgery often require significantly more care than those that are younger. Due to this, it is recommended that you seek the services of one of our wound care and in home health care service providers to ensure the overall safety and well-being of your loved one. If your senior does not require around the clock home health care after the surgery, our skilled nurses will also be able to teach you or other chosen family members in some of the techniques that may be required for in home post-op care. In many cases, learning these skills will not only help the care giver to feel more comfortable, but it also allows the patient to feel less uncomfortable about having to have strangers take care of their needs. In home rehabilitation care is also an important consideration in post-op care for the elderly. Failing to ensure that a senior begins moving properly after surgery can lead to significant problems with mobility. Rehabilitative care must be followed based on the surgeon’s recommendations to ensure the best outcome after the operation. Our skilled care nurses in Athens are trained to provide the best in post op rehab care for elderly patients to ensure that they do not suffer from additional pain and problems due to lack of mobility. Our nurses will also take the time to properly train you and any other caregiver on the proper rehabilitation exercises and post op wound care to ensure that your loved one receives the proper treatment whether the nurse is visiting or not. Making sure that your loved one receives the best post op rehab care can do wonders for their quality of life after surgery. If you would like more information about how BrightStar Care can assist with helping your loved one to receive the proper care and physical therapy after surgery, please contact us today.