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Home care in Kensington, MD

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Meet Our Bethesda, MD Home Care Team

At BrightStar Care of Bethesda, MD our professional team of caregivers offers the best home care services in Montgomery County, MD. Our staff is dedicated to excellence and providing individuals and families with quality care.

Accountability, Integrity, Family, Trustworthiness.


Anda Plavnieks, Owner

Anda Plavnieks is the Owner of Bright Star Care of Montgomery County, Maryland. She has experience in the hospitality industry and therefore sets high standards in the performance of our field staff inside our client’s homes. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Anda chose to open a Home Care agency because of her own personal experiences caring for her grandmother, mother, and aunt. She understands what families are facing as their loved ones age and can no longer live completely independently. Anda and Egons were married for 20 years and have one son and live in the Montgomery County area.

BrightStar-Montgomery-County-1.jpgClaire Milam, Director of Nursing

How Long have you been a nurse?
In 2008, I graduated as the Helen Statts Leadership Award Winner from Montgomery College. Over those twelve years, I have continued to grow in my nursing career, with my eye always on teaching and leadership.
What Experience Do You Bring to BrightStar Care?
My career has spanned a number of settings, patient populations, and explored several specialties.  Acute care settings, like the Emergency Department and Surgery Department, provided me in-depth knowledge of a number of disease processes that could impact the home care client. Experience in case management and administrative roles allow development of plans of care that are tailored to the needs of the individual client, and the ability to relate to clients in a kind yet professional manner.
What Aspect of Your Job Are You Most Passionate About?
There are two aspects that are incredibly important to me. One is to ensure that each BrightStar client receives care tailored to their specific needs, and that this care adjusts and adapts to fit our clients’ ever-changing lives. The second is to provide relatable, approachable teaching to our clients and their families. This is incredibly important part of making our clients feel like and empowered and informed participant in their own care.
I Provide a Higher Standard of Care for Our Clients By…
Providing support, education and oversight to our dedicated caregiver team. Each caregiver is encouraged to treat each client as the individual they are, respect their particular needs & goals, and aid in achieving their goals for independence in the safety and comfort of their home environments.

Swift, Kerry Headshot

Kerry Swift, Community Outreach Manager

I came to BrightStar having worked in sales and account management at IBM for thirty years. I developed a passion for elder care after personally experiencing the challenges of caring for an elderly family member. I resolved to pursue a second career where I could “make a difference” in people’s lives. I believe in the concept of aging in place and hope to help the elderly achieve this by providing best in class home care services to families in Montgomery County. I spend most of my time meeting clients, both potential and current. In addition to reaching out to new families and facilities, I continue my relationship with all of my clients & families by providing on-going case management support.

Trevor-Community-Relations-BrightStar-Care-Montgomery-County.jpgTrevor Conner, Client Relationship Manager

Trevor Conner has been in the Healthcare Industry for more than 10 years and has a real passion for making sure people are given the resources to thrive, not just survive. He truly believes that life is about making the most of what you have with who you have in your life. He would love to be able to connect with you and your family.  To learn more about Trevor and how he supports Montgomery County families and businesses please CLICK HERE.

Vieira, AmandaHeadshot

Amanda Vieira, Branch Manager

I have a Degree in Social Work/ also licensed as An Assisted Living Administrator in Maryland. I have worked as an Associate Executive Director in a Senior Living Community for 13 years. My goal is to ensure that the resident’s quality of life is of the best by giving great services to our clients. Expecting high quality performance from our team members. My Professional expertise that is most beneficial - Great leadership, communication and organizational skills. Strengths of others which helps benefits the service we provide to our residents/clients. I am decisive, patient, and respectful, and enjoy coaching/teaching what I have already learned.

Bethesda-Montgomery-County-Home-Care-Team.jpgLeticia Doherty, Customer Care Manager

My passion is to support people, which is why I chose a career as a health care professional.
I have been working in this industry now for over twenty years, both as back-office support and directly caring for clients.

I look forward to helping our Bright Star clients improve their quality of life!

Customer-Care-Manager-BrightStar-Montgomery-County.jpgAkkita Powell, Customer Care Manager

Akkita came to Montgomery County from Pittsburg, PA where she had years of experience working with clients and caregivers in multiple homecare settings, including the administrative office.  Akkita’s lovely personality and excellent communication skills allow her to ask the right questions and uncover the needs of the client.  She gets to know each caregiver individually and feels that if you know your caregivers and what they can bring to the client, the process of helping the client will run smoothly.  She regularly checks in with clients and their families, to make sure they are happy and that the caregivers are giving them the best care. Her friendly and caring way of helping and her passion for providing the highest quality of care to our clients and caregivers make her a valuable member of the team.

 Plavnieks ,Egons headshotEgons Plavnieks, Founder

Egons Plavnieks was co-Owner of Bright Star of Montgomery County with his wife Anda. Egons graduated from Catholic University and the University of Wisconsin - Madison, with degrees in Music and Business. He had thirty years of executive experience working with Procter & Gamble both in the U.S. and internationally. Egons chose to open a Home Care agency along with his wife Anda as a result of personal experience. He saw the challenges faced by families in supporting their loved ones as they become less and less able to live fully independently as he and Anda cared for his mom and other family members. Egons passed away peacefully in 2020 and is remembered for his compassion and commitment to taking care of others.