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Home care in Bryan, TX

  • 3201 University Drive East
  • Suite 160
  • Bryan, TX 77802

Our Bryan / College Station Care Team

Compassion, integrity, family, excellence, trustworthiness, accountability, and diversity at BrightStar Care Bryan / College Station

In the Bryan / College Station area, the lifeblood of our business are the people who make it happen. Our office staff and caregivers work together day in and day out to deliver quality care and exceptional service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether it's childcare, adult home care or skilled elder care, the people who make up BrightStar Care Bryan / College Station are our greatest assets. But don't just take our word for it, see for yourself!

Meet Jennifer Lewis, M.A., CCC-SLP, Owner and PresidentJHL-business-card.jpg

Since Economics class during my senior year of high school, I have always wanted to own my own business.  But I also wanted to work in career field that served and cared for people.  So, by the time I finished college, I was pursuing a career in Speech-Language Pathology.  I have worked in the full spectrum of medical speech-language pathology from premature infants in the NICU, the neuro ICU and rehabilitation units to the elderly in skilled nursing facilities and all ages through home health.
After moving into our forever home on a ranch in Washington County, Texas, I set about trying to decide what my entrepreneurial endeavor would be.  Would it be a spa? A wine bar? A hardware store?  While these are all places I enjoy going, they do not inspire passion in me. I had been actively searching for SLP positions in the territory when I discovered an exciting opportunity with the BrightStar Care brand and began exploring what seemed like the perfect way to get involved in the community through a meaningful service.
Early on I named my LLC Optima Vitae, which is Latin for Best Of Life.  I wanted to establish a company that provides the Best Life for our clients as well as for our team.  I love that we have the opportunity to care for families and their loved ones across the full spectrum of ages and occupations, from infants to great-grandmothers, ranchers to Veterans, Texas A&M students as well as professors, providing personal care as well as skilled nursing and therapies. Our team is passionate about providing personalized care for each of our families and honored to be doing so in the place they call home.

Meet our DON, Lacy Genovese, BSN, RN, WCC, MSLacy-headshot-(4).jpg

I have been a registered nurse for the past 30 years. My career began upon completion of my BSN at the Montgomery Campus of Auburn University in Alabama (“War Eagle” for all you Auburn fans out there). My family has strong ties to military service so it seemed only natural for me to pursue serving my country as well. Being commissioned into the USAF Nurse Corp in 1990 with my father and grandfather pinning my 2LT insignia on me was a proud moment for all involved. It was not long after this that I was notified of being one of 25 selected into a year-long internship at Wilford Hall in San Antonio Texas which encompassed numerous rotations in several specialties. The next four years provided me with invaluable confidence, leadership skills, and critical decision-making abilities. The opportunities and mentors that presented themselves during this time impacted me as a young nurse and remain strong to this day. After completion of my commitment in the military I continued with the desire to learn new things and ventured to Texas A&M where I completed a graduate degree in Veterinarian Microbiology in 1998.

As I think about what inspires me as a nurse, I feel a variety of emotions come into play. Providing care for not only patients, but for their families, involves very complex dynamics in which you must have the ability to communicate effectively, maintain a solid knowledge base of ever-changing evidence-based practice(s), unlimited supply of empathy, willingness to understand what is important to our patients while respecting their wishes not to mention working with other multidisciplinary specialties. This in itself can be exhausting at times but has helped me to better understand the true meaning of what my passion is within this profession. Gratitude, humility, and the well-being of those who entrust us with their care is my daily commitment to our patients.

Reflecting on the strengths I bring to BrightStar Care of Bryan/College station there are a few things that are important to me. First, teamwork and cohesiveness are crucial in today’s healthcare industry. This is the backbone to our company. Secondly, inclusivity is imperative. This can be the family, friends, or whomever may be important in our clients’ lives. This also applies to our team members. It is necessary to tap into their experiences and ideas to grow and think outside the box when necessary. Lastly, leadership that supports integrity, customer service, respectfulness, determination, creativity, and patience.