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It's National Nurses Week in Charlotte!

BrightStar Care of Charlotte Celebrates National Nurses Week -  Nurse Recognition

Thank You to Our  Director of Nursing in Charlotte

Nurses aren’t angels, but they may be the closest thing we have in the workplace. kRISTEN.jpg
For 12 of past 13 years, nurses have topped the Gallup Poll of the most trustworthy professionals. Patients and their families know why.

While doctors diagnose illnesses and prescribe medication, surgery or other treatment, it’s often nurses who explain medical procedures, help manage symptoms, respond to emergencies, listen to family concerns, allay patient fears, soothe worries and find ways to make difficult situations bearable.

A nurse’s mission is not only to save lives, but to promote and preserve quality of life.

We are very grateful to have an exceptionally compassionate Director of Nursing at BrightStar Care of Charlotte and want to recognize her during National Nurses Week for all her contribution and commitment to providing our clients with a higher standard of care.

Meet Kristen O., BSN, RN | Director of Nursing

Kristen joins our team with years of experience in different areas of nursing which includes but is not limited skilled nursing facilities, hospital, and home health;She enjoys working with clients who are pediatric, adults and seniors.  Kristen got into the healthcare field, especially home care/home health because she enjoys helping others and is a people person. She found in the hospital and facility setting, she could’t have 1-on-1 time with those she assisted.  One of the biggest things for her was getting to know her clients on a personal level.  She feels to be good at what you do requires continually improving your knowledge and skills.  She believes that dedication, dependability, determination and desire are traits necessary to be a good nurse and supervisor.  Kristen is all about providing quality care and not over promising and under delivering services.  Kristen completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Penn State University.  For fun Kristen loves to spend time with her two puppies Roxie and Cassie as well as partaking in yoga and any other outdoor activity.  Did I mention that Kristen is a huge Philadelphia Flyers fan?