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Setting Limits for Yourself During the Holidays While Caregiving to Charlotte Seniors

Boundaries for the Charlotte Senior Caregiver During the Holidays

The holidays are the time when a lot people are on edge. As a Charlotte senior caregiver, know your triggers. People - in many cases relatives - or memories are big triggers for many people during the holidays. Memories of loved ones no longer with us, bad memories of past holidays, etc.
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If you know that there are certain topics of conversation that may trigger arguing or stress with your relatives, plan beforehand how you will avoid those subjects. If you know there are specific people who bring judgement to the room, whether it be with your holiday hosting or your caregiving, do your best to avoid those people. If you are unable to avoid certain family members, be mentally prepared before the holidays hit. Know what stress situations may arise, and do your best to keep them to a minimum. A practical way is not bringing up hot topics yourself. Be ready if someone else brings up a painful or difficult topic, and try not to let it get to you.

For ideas to keep the holiday fun going, check out http://www.charlottesgotalot.com/articles/indoor-family-fun-charlotte for indoor activity ideas.

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