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Conejo Valley Pediatric Home Care

Families Turn to Pediatric Home Care during COVID-19 School Closures 

As businesses reopen, and parents go back to work, Home Care Agency, BrightStar Care of Conejo Valley helps out.

Families have typically used home care services for aging seniors, but companies like BrightStar Care of Conejo Valley also assist families with pediatric and child care needs. Due to Coronavirus and school closures families with children are seeing an increased need for in home care.

How pediatric home care services benefit families and children, including those with special needs and medical considerations:

Child Care, Supervision & Companionship:
Virtual Classes combined with work-from-home policies have created new child care needs for families across Conejo Valley. While parents are now required to replicate their student's classroom environment at home, they don't always have the freedom to care for their child during working hours, even when they are working from home. A home care agency with child care resources can provide parents with the respite normally provided when kids are at school. A home caregiver can offer supervision and companionship for children throughout the day, enableing a child’s parent to focus on work during business hours.

Help with “Virtual Learning”:
We specialize in pediatric services and provide caregivers who help suppervise children during virtual lessons. Our caregivers help with supervision and child care, and our aides can also be appropriately matched for technology skills and educational background. Caregivers can then assist with homework assignments and help to ensure students are staying on task.

Special Needs & Disabilities:
School districts are following social-distancing rules with virtual classroom but online learning for children with either physical or learning disabilities can be challenging. For example, students with visual impairment are "disproportionately affected by video conferencing that relies heavily on the use of charts, diagrams, and other imagery", and students with learning disabilities may need help with follow-up questions for their teachers. Special needs children may reqyure more support with virtual education, and parents discover that remote classes are ineffective without at home support to provide additional assistance.

Home-Based Pediatric Nursing:
Families with physically disabled children have found that school closures have limited their resources. Many of these most vulnerable young people are left with unattended needs. Parents are now required to fill the daily gaps in care provided by schools, while managing a job and other children at the same time.  With certain diagnoses and related medical needs, this responsibility can be overwhelming, especially when a child needs daily injection, medication management, and have physical, speech or occupational therapy regimens that need to be maintained at home. BrightStar Care can support parents by providing home health care services that support family and virtual schooling schedules.  Our home health care agency is an all-inclusive resource for both healthcare and child care needs.

Individualized Care:
Family dynamics are unique, and everyone is managing the COVID-19 pandemic differently. Child care solutions will vary depending on individual circumstances. While many schools remain closed for the time being and families have transitioned to “virtual learning”, students without additional support at home risk being left behind. Home care agencies can provide parents with the child care solutions that address a child's supervision, educational and medical needs.

Parents seeking individualized child care support, please call  805-233-3800.

BrightStar Care of Conejo Valley provides 24/7 to Hourly Private Duty Home Health Care and Pediatric Nursing.
We offer support around the clock to parents, providing a full continuum of medical and non-medical services, including special needs care. We proudly serve Los Angeles and Ventura County cities of Simi Valley, Moorpark, Oak Park, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, West Hills, Newbury Park, Calabasas, Agoura, Topanga, Malibu, and Hidden Hills areas.

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