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Home Care Helps Seniors Stay Healthier

home careAs Baby Boomers retire at an exponential rate, private duty in-home non-medical care must play an expanding role in assuring that seniors receive necessary and appropriate care. The use of in-home non-medical professionals plays a critical role, often having a major impact on the quality of care that seniors receive as well as their quality of life as they age at home. The use of private duty home care often helps to delay or prevent the need for more serious and invasive medical care by preventing hospital admissions and post-hospitalization re-admissions, thereby relieving the pressure on our overburdened healthcare system and delaying the need for assisted living and nursing care. Private duty home care for seniors is often a critical part of the overall care continuum, involving medical professionals and family members. This combination can be the best prescription to help older adults remain in their homes as for as long as possible. Private duty care can help seniors enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying quality of life, which often impacts the wellbeing of the entire family. Seniors receiving private duty in-home care may experience fewer doctor visits or emergency hospitalizations, which has major financial implications for seniors and their families, and is significant as we, as a society, move away from institutionalizing seniors in favor of helping them remain healthy and independent in their own homes.

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