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Why Caregivers Like to Work for BrightStar Care Fort Wayne

    At BrightStar Care Fort Wayne, we believe that our employees are one of our greatest assets; our caregivers see caring as a calling, not just a career. Therefore, we utilize a generous recognition and reward program to recognize those CNA and HHA who go above and beyond for our clients.


Continuing Your Education with BrightStar Care Fort Wayne

    At BrightStar Care Fort Wayne we support our employees’ decisions to further their education. If you are a CNA or HHA and you are ready to take the next step to become an LPN or RN, BrightStar Care Fort Wayne will provide you with the flexible schedule necessary to balance your work life with your school schedule.


Home Infusions and Home Health Care in Huntington

    At BrightStar Care in Huntington, our team delivers a wide variety of in-home care services, including skilled nursing. One service, home infusion (or IV) therapy, offers patients the ability to receive medical treatment in the comforts of home, reducing the need to be admitted – or to remain—in the hospital. Home care in Huntington fills the need for that type of specialty care.


Managing Behavior with Alzheimer’s Care in Huntington

    Almost everyone knows that Alzheimer’s disease causes significant memory loss, but if your loved one has been diagnosed with the disease, you may also notice some other symptoms that you weren’t expecting. Alzheimer’s behavior changes may also include mood swings and personality differences that can be unsettling and even overwhelming for the entire family. Alzheimer’s home care in Huntington, from BrightStar Care, helps families learn to adjust and cope.


Seniors, Depression, and Home Care in Huntington

    Circumstances change, and sometimes, for seniors, those changes are difficult to endure. Does this scenario sound familiar? Your mom was once a lively and vivacious senior, but lately she’s spending more and more time on her living room sofa. She learned how to maneuver Facebook and play word games on her tablet, but that seems to be her only interest these days. Refusing to eat, she’s become thin and frail and wears her pajamas throughout the day. Could she be depressed? Is she still grieving the loss of your father? To bring her back into a healthy frame of mind, senior care in Huntington may be a good option.


Surviving the “Sandwich Generation”

    My father recently had a birthday. He turned 86 years old, and he was really beginning to show signs of his age. More than that, dad was beginning to feel his age, too. Getting in-and out- of bed was a struggle, and he was constantly concerned about slipping and falling in the shower. He was no longer able to take care of his home properly -- the dishes were piled in the sink and the dirty laundry sat in heaps. He didn’t have the strength to wrestle the vacuum cleaner. With all of these limitations and safety concerns, I didn’t know what to do.


Home Care for Heart Attack Recovery in Huntington

    I remember it clearly, it was last year that John was rushed into the emergency room, oxygen mask strapped over his nose and mouth, his shirt ripped open awaiting the defibrillation that could potentially save his life. I had not known John prior to that night. He told me later that he had been sitting at his kitchen table with his family, enjoying a competitive game of Monopoly, when he suddenly broke out into a cold sweat. He began feeling lightheaded, and pain was radiating down his left arm. He stated that it had happened so fast, he didn’t even have a chance to warn his family before passing out. I was one of the nurses on duty in the emergency room when he was rushed in by the paramedics. Fortunately, John survived.


When Home Care is the Best Solution for Mom and Dad

    My mom and I have always had a special bond. She brought me into this world, she taught me the life skills needed for me to become a compassionate and hard working member of society. I have spent my adult life doing my best to show my Mom how grateful I am for her love and encouragement over the years, but I never thought there would be a time when she would have difficulty taking care of herself.


Looking for a Job Change? Consider Home Health Care in Fort Wayne.

    I’ve been a nurse for many years, I love my job and consider it my calling. What I enjoy most about nursing is the opportunity to help others. I began my career as a nurse on the medical unit at a local hospital, but soon found my interests moving toward geriatric care. There was just something about helping aging adults, and I discovered that listening to their stories and memories was sometimes just as important as tending to their physical and medical needs.


Home Care for Breast Cancer Patients in Warsaw, Indiana

    When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 50, to say we were shocked was an understatement. She is the most health-conscious person in the entire family, always working out and watching her diet. While she continues fighting her battle like a champ, it's easy to see her treatments can often leave her feeling weak and nauseous; so to help make life easier, we involved home health care in Warsaw.


Winter Safety Help for Seniors in Fort Wayne

    Being caught unprepared for a winter emergency increases the risk of accidental injuries. From the electricity going out to water pipes freezing, the dangers that can arise inside the home are many. When you add in the inability to get out for necessities like medications, food, and water due to an icy storm, the risks become even more apparent. BrightStar Care provides senior home care in Fort Wayne, with services and suggestions to keep the senior in your life safe and warm throughout the coldest time of the year.


How Home Care in Fort Wayne Turned My Dad's Life Around

    When my dad decided to retire and take it easy, we didn't think twice about it. We figured he’d be happy to be free of deadlines, traffic, and every day stresses. However, with all the children grown and gone – and no routine or schedule to keep him busy -- my dad quickly became depressed. I saw some signs of depression, symptoms I had seen listed by the National Institute of Mental Health. He rarely went out with friends anymore, so he was constantly home alone for long stretches at a time. He lost interest in the Indianapolis Colts, had trouble sleeping, and sometimes seemed lost in his own thoughts. Sometimes his clothes were torn, spotted, and obviously unclean.


"Know Your Numbers" with Help from Home Care

    When I was younger, the only number I paid attention to was my weight. I would let that silly number on the scale affect my mood – and it would temporarily drive me to better eating habits and exercise. Now that I’m older (and hopefully wiser), I know there are other numbers that are more crucial to my health. Not just about my appearance, the numbers I should really focus on are my blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels...


Safe Bathing Suggestions for Dementia Care

    Alzheimer’s presents a variety of challenges for family caregivers, especially when it comes to personal care such as hygiene and bathing. For many seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s (a form of dementia), they can’t remember if they’ve bathed – and may not even remember how. While a bath or shower isn’t necessary every day, maintaining cleanliness is, especially for those who are incontinent. BrightStar Care, your source for quality home care in Warsaw, offers these suggestions for family caregivers when it comes to tackling bath time.


Keep Your Loved One Safe from Wandering with Alzheimer’s Care

    Elderly individuals with dementia or Alzheimer's often engage in a behavior known as wandering, meaning that they leave home (or their caregiver's side) and get lost without the capacity to get help. A prevalent symptom of the disease, the Alzheimer's Association states that wandering affects as many as 60 percent of seniors with Alzheimer's or dementia, putting them at great risk for personal harm and injury. BrightStar Care offers Alzheimer’s care in Huntington and these simple precautions to help prevent wandering.


Preventing Falls in Your Home with Senior Care in Huntington

    Fall prevention is critical when it comes to safe home care for your loved one. Seniors are more prone to injuries from a fall than any other age group. There are many reasons that lead to falls in the home including uneven flooring, stairs with unstable railings or wet surfaces from spills. However, many other issues can also lead to falls such as immobility, imbalance, decreased vision or loss of strength. BrightStar Care in Huntington offers home care services to ensure the safety of your loved one.


BrightStar Care in Warsaw Urges Chest Pain Awareness

    Home care in Warsaw is striving to raise awareness about chest pain. Many things, including muscle strain, pneumonia, or a blood clot in the lung can cause chest pain. However, chest pain can also signal cardiac problems, including heart attack. Knowing the symptoms of heart attack can save your life, and BrightStar Care in Warsaw urges everyone to know the symptoms. Minutes really do matter.


BrightStar Care Fort Wayne: Music and Aging

    Nearly everyone enjoys music of one type or another. Whether you enjoy playing music on an instrument or just listening to old records, the benefits of music are numerous and unquestionable. Home care in Fort Wayne Home care providers from BrightStar Care in Wayne often use music to engage Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, as well. For elderly individuals, stress can become a concern for physical health, as well as emotional wellbeing. A little bit of music every day may be just the thing you or your loved one need to reduce anxiety and ease the stress of daily life and aging.


Patient-Centered Home Care in Huntington

    BrightStar Care in Huntington offers a wide range of home care services, including companion care, skilled nursing and Alzheimer’s care. A home health assessment, conducted by a registered nurse (RN), ensures a personalized plan for optimal care and support for each and every client.


Nursing Care at Home in Huntington

    Home nursing from BrightStar Care in Huntington provides medical assistance, with comfort and safety, in your own home. Our registered nurses (RNs) are professionally trained and certified, and uphold our strict standards for quality patient care. In-home care is beneficial for those who need post-op care after hospital discharge, patients receiving chemotherapy, or individuals needing care for illnesses such as heart failure, pneumonia or COPD.


Elder Care and Aging Vision

    January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month, and it is the perfect time to focus on the connection between aging and eyesight. While many seniors experience little to no decline in visual acuity, others face glaucoma or other eyesight challenges such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Recognizing the early signs of vision loss and glaucoma is important to early diagnosis and treatment.


BrightStar Care Fort Wayne Encourages Weather Safety

    This year’s winter has been unusually warm so far, but it never hurts to be prepared for the unexpected. Weather can change rapidly, and seniors should be ready when temperatures begin to drop and ice begins to form. The elderly are especially at risk for slipping and falling this time of year, not to mention perils from home hazards such as space heaters. Elder care services from BrightStar Care Fort Wayne can help you prepare for whatever weather comes our way in 2016.


When Unsteadiness Leads to Falls in the Home

    Fading eyesight and a decline in hearing are sensory problems we all tend to face with age. A diminished sense of balance, whether caused by chronic dizziness or other health factors, is another concern many seniors face. Unsteadiness, imbalance and weakness are risk factors for falls and injury in the home, and seniors and their family members should be particularly careful to ensure home safety at all times. BrightStar Care Fort Wayne offers home care services for personal assistance and safety.


Easing Loneliness with Home Care in Huntington, Indiana

    BrightStar Care in Huntington can help you or an elderly loved one overcome feelings of loneliness, sadness and isolation. Our professionally trained and experienced home care providers offer companionship for engaging activities and assistance with light household support.


Alzheimer’s Home Care in Huntington, Indiana

    If you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease, BrightStar Care in Huntington can assist you with many of the home care responsibilities. Alzheimer’s can be overwhelming for a family caregiver, particularly if your loved one is in the third or most serious stage of this disease. BrightStar Care is a home healthcare agency that offers comfortable, quality services right at home.


Home Care for Prostate Cancer in Huntington, Indiana

    Now is the time for men to learn and understand the warning signs of prostate cancer. With today’s busy schedules and demands on our time, everyone overlooks their health occasionally. However, it’s important to recognize the symptoms of prostate cancer and seek treatment as soon as possible. With annual screenings and early diagnosis, prostate cancer is treatable, and BrightStar Care in Huntington invites you to take a moment and review this information.


Companion Care Keeps Seniors Active in Auburn, Indiana

    Individuals who remain active as they age benefit in many different ways. Research shows that active seniors are physically healthier and possess sharper cognitive and memory skills. Activity also provides seniors with the opportunity to engage with others, which often prevents loneliness and boredom. Companion care services from BrightStar Care in Auburn ensure senior companionship for engaging and motivating activities.


BrightStar Care of Fort Wayne Knows Foot Care

    April is Foot Health Awareness Month. This means there is no better time to ensure your feet are healthy! Good foot health is actually much easier than many people realize. For aging seniors, especially those with diabetes or vascular issues, it comes down to checking your feet on a daily basis. Spending a little time each day to check the heath of your feet helps ensure that they'll be in good working condition for days to come.


Making Mealtimes Positive in Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Mealtimes often set our memories in motion. We think of our family gathered around the table as pleasant aromas fill the air. The kitchen is bursting with noisy discussions, clanging pots and barking dogs. Someone has turned the radio to a channel with loud rock-n-roll music. As we age, though, sometimes we lose interest in mealtimes and find no joy in eating food.


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