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Our Director of Nursing at BrightStar of VA - Fredericksburg

Providing RN oversight on every case from day one

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How long have you been a Nurse? I feel like I have been a nurse forever, I started my nursing career as a CNA and absolutely loved helping people. I received my nursing degree in 2005 and began my journey in the Emergency Department. The Emergency Department provided me with a broad base of knowledge. It allowed me to experience birth to death and everything in between. I learned how to provide compassionate care in every circumstance. No matter what the situation, it was my job to make the experience better. What experience do you bring to BrightStar Care®? The years I spent in the Emergency Department has allowed me to have firsthand knowledge of a vast variety of disease processes. This has given me the ability to understand what our client’s needs are and provide a specialized plan of care that will give them the highest level of care and independence. My experience as Manager of a Level 2 Trauma Center enhanced my ability to function under a high level of stress and remain calm. It taught me how to handle extreme situations that presented in various forms. What aspect of your job are you most passionate about? I have always loved my job, from CNA, new RN, Charge Nurse, Nurse Manager, and now Director of Nursing. I have made it my job to provide every individual with a better experience regardless of the situation. Sometimes it is as simple as being present and listening. Other times it is difficult and you hold the hand of someone while they die. I believe my effort makes a difference, I may not be able to change the outcome but I have a great deal of knowledge and perhaps I can make the situation more pleasant. I provide A Higher Standard of Care for our BrightStar Care® clients by... Getting to know who they are and listening to more than just their health history. A person’s well-being goes far beyond their diagnosis. Allowing our clients to share their life history helps me focus care on things that will make a difference for each individual client._INS_Logo_200wide If you have questions about how RN oversight works at BrightStar of VA - Fredericksburg, or if want to speak with our Director of Nursing, please call us at (540) 376-3131.