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Jenny Ellis, Our Mesa AZ 2015 Nurse of the Year Nominee

Every day, a growing number of dedicated nurses care for aging adults and people with complex medical needs inside their homes, administering daily medications, providing relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness, and managing personalized plans of care.
To pay tribute to the specialized and tireless work of thousands of nurses throughout the network, BrightStar Care launched a national Nurse of the Year program to recognize the nurses who are working hard to deliver A Higher Standard of Home Care each and every day.
This year, our Field Nurse Jenny Ellis was nominated. Here is the nomination letter about Jenny:

“Heroes have a rough time because they stand up when they ought not to, they speak when they ought not to; they always have to go the extra mile” George Foreman

It is with extreme honor to write about one of the most compassionate, hard working, dedicated person I have had the privilege to not only work with but get to know, Jenny Ellis RN. In her small territory she is known as “the nurse Jenny”. Aside from her attention to detail and determination to provide the best care and treatment to each patient she goes way above and beyond the call of duty. There are countless examples of the compassion she shows for each patient. In September 2014 after treating a not so cooperative, blind, 95 year old patient weekly for quite some time he confided in her that he wanted her to accompany him on the “Honor Flight Arizona”. Honor Flight Arizona is a nonprofit organization that flies Arizona World War II veterans to their memorial in Washington DC. It was with great honor she on her own time and money took this once in a lifetime trip with one of her patients. Before this trip she sent a message requesting letters be written to this patient thanking him for his service, here is why:

Honor Flight Arizona has a “secret,” which is where you can help. The “secret” part of Honor Flight Arizona’s journey is what happens on the flight home.
After our three-day journey of camaraderie and reminiscence, these veterans “think” their journey is over.
Tired, but fulfilled, they nod off to a well-deserved sleep.
But, much as it was in wartime, their day is not over.
Waiting for them, on the flight home, is a reward:
“Mail Call!”
 the same kind of mail call that kept their spirits alive during the war.

She now is actively speaking with World War II veterans in her community and encouraging and promoting this amazing trip that most do not know about. She on her own time makes doctor appointments for her patients and most often will drive them the 30 miles to the Phoenix VA for these appointments and stay with them not only for comfort but clarity as well. She has requested lower pay in order to keep the continuity of care and will go in and provide her patients with bathing and homemaker tasks that our CNA’s do. She has done family schedules and tasks to aid in the recovery of parents with children that are unable to maintain household chores while recovering. She knows when to sit and listen and when tough love is required.

We truly believe that she deserves the recognition of “nurse of the year” award.

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