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Tammy White, Our Mesa 2015 Nurse of the Year Nominee

Every day, a growing number of dedicated nurses care for aging adults and people with complex medical needs inside their homes, administering daily medications, providing relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness, and managing personalized plans of care.

To pay tribute to the specialized and tireless work of thousands of nurses throughout the network, BrightStar Care launched a national Nurse of the Year program to recognize the nurses who are working hard to deliver A Higher Standard of Home Care each and every day.

This year, our Registered Nurse, Tammy White was nominated. Here is the nomination letter about Tammy:

Tammy, as a professional nurse has involved herself in educational activities with an eager to learn new skills.
These have been educational activities offered outside of work that are not required.
Tammy has learned how to administer and teach clients to administer specialty drugs that required self study modules and acquiring skills she at first did not have.

They may have been with the use of a drug administering device or the challenge of starting peripheral IV’s or venipuncture in difficult cases. She has demonstrated a professional role of the nurse including capability, accountability and responsibility for one’s own practice. 

Tammy started her career as a nurse’s aide and after receiving her RN license, she further developed her critical thinking skills striving for nursing excellence in her home health practice according to the nursing process.
She follows up with her clients and contacts Physicians and their representatives for adverse cases with efficiency and safety.
Tammy has spent much of her own time making sure her clients receive the best follow up care and often has used her own resources to obtain supplies they are in need of.
Tammy has not asked for compensation and achieves fulfillment in the delivery of service caring effectively across cultural boundaries.

Tammy works effectively with members of the healthcare team and has worked on her own time with new nurses teaching them bedside skills as well as computer technology.
She learns from experience and modifies responses. 

Tammy has shown a leadership role as preceptor and facilitating In-Service training for nurses with an eagerness to share knowledge.
She has piloted programs before introducing them to nurses giving and receiving constructive feedback when needed.

Tammy has consistently stepped up to the plate in caring for clients with little or no advance notice for on-call care.

These visits are caring for clients in difficult stressful situations on weekends and evenings including TPN administration, PICC line care, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, Veni-puncture Lab work, Bowel care, Resumption of care and Start of Care Clients.

When Tammy received her diagnosis of Breast Cancer in and around February of 2013, she cut down on her census, but continued with a positive, helpful attitude at all times working on and off while receiving chemotherapy and recovering from multiple surgeries.
Tammy is now a Cancer survivor and continues to hold the largest census with consistent, complete and timely delivery of required documentation and quality service. 

Tammy is indeed an excellent role model to her clients and BrightStar Care team promoting professionalism and teamwork in a heartfelt manner working together to achieve outcomes. 


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