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The Benefits of In-Home Care in Beaufort

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The time has come when your elderly dad need more assistance at home than you are able to provide with your busy schedule -- which includes a full-time job and a busy, active family. You're also growing more and more concerned about his safety at home, where he's alone most of the time.

You and your siblings have been discussing the possibility of an assisted living community, but you know in your heart that he won't approve. After all, he's not that bad off at home -- but his balance is getting worse and his eyesight is poor. And yet, last week you came over to find him on a ladder trying to change a light bulb!

BrightStar Care in Beaufort can help

Home health is our business, and we care about aging adults who spent decades as multi-faceted and productive members of society. We believe that they deserve as much independence as they can safely manage and as much dignity and respect as anyone who has fought the good fight for that many years.
BrightStar Care in Beaufort knows how difficult it can be to juggle your own life while trying to check in on Dad to make sure he has groceries, make sure he's eating them, fix what needs fixing, clean what needs cleaning, take him where he needs taking, try to assess how he's feeling (because he never tells you when he's not feeling well) and attempt to engage him in some kind of activity that will help keep him mentally sharp.

BrightStar Care provides compassionate companion care assistants who:

  • Provide company and engage in activities (such as playing games or working on hobbies)
  • Assess for safety (such as fall hazards)
  • Offer transportation to appointments or to run errands
  • Provide meal preparation services and light housekeeping

The Benefits of In-Home Care

Home is comforting. It's familiar, with memories attached to every square foot and a lifetime's worth of belongings in their rightful place. Seniors who live out their days at home are often happier, healthier, and more resilient than those who reluctantly leave their home in favor of an assisted living facility. Studies show that elderly people heal better from injury and illness when they're at home, and suffer less stress and anxiety in general.

Let BrightStar Care in Beaufort work with you to assess your loved one's needs and come up with an in-home care plan that will help ensure his safety while retaining some independence.

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