Senior Citizen Population in Baltimore, MD is on the Rise

September 24, 2019

Baltimore County Department of Aging Estimates One in Four Baltimore County Residents Will be a Senior Citizen by 2020.  

The senior population numbers will "require the county to adjust its priorities if it wants to best serve those who live here," stated Cody Boteler, reporting in the Baltimore Sun

Baltimore County is already age-friendly, according to Laura Riley, director of the Department of Aging.  Riley stated that "Baltimore County is already age-friendly, but we could be more age-friendly.  For example, the county has a deficit of low-cost housing for seniors and could do with more transportation options for those who might no longer have drivers licenses.”

To illustrate the importance of developing better senior services and to draw attention to some of the less-often addressed issues facing the elderly, Baltimore County this year observed “No Senior Eats Alone" Day on September 12. One of the main focuses was avoiding social isolation, which can have real health consequences, according to experts. Each of the county’s 20 senior centers hosted a free meal for members and nonmembers alike, as did five of the county’s public libraries. Local dignitaries, including County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr., made the rounds.

Socialization is extremely important because many seniors live alone. Senior programs and centers are sometimes the only way Baltimore seniors mingle with others. The importance of senior citizens maintaining social contact is important. As seniors decline and lose her ability to leave their home, companionship becomes critical. 

At BrightStar Care of Baltimore County, we provide senior companion care services. Our Companion Care focuses on improving the health and well-being of your aging loved ones so they can get the most out of life. We strive to get to know our clients’ unique histories and personalities so we can plan activities that will be both stimulating and enjoyable. 

BrightStar Care of Baltimore County provides many levels of companionship to achieve the quality of life Baltimore seniors need. Our companion care services include:
  • Assisting with writing letters and correspondences
  • Helping to connect with loved ones through email and social media
  • Engaging in stimulating activities such as crafts, games, and reading
  • Creating customized grocery lists in accordance with dietary needs and preferences
  • Facilitating visits with friends and neighbors
  • Plannig outings and trips
  • Daily schedule assistance
  • Respite and family relief
BrightStar Care of Baltimore County provides a full continuum of private duty home care services including companionship, personal care, transportation, medication assistance, skilled nursing and more, to improve the lives of those we care for.  To learn more visit our about us page  or please call us at 443-275-2796.