Physical Changes that Affect Baltimore Senior Drivers

July 14, 2019

Baltimore County Senior Driver Resources

Physical Changes that Affect Baltimore Senior Drivers

What You Need to Know About Aging Senior Adults and Their Vehicles 

Changes in vision, neck flexibility, and cognition can make driving safely more difficult, as can other aging-related changes. Don’t ignore them…changing your car or how you drive can help ensure safety.  
Here are some resources to help Senior Drivers in Maryland this summer:
Maryland MVA offers information about various medical conditions and their implications for driver safety on its webpage.

Roadwise Review is a home-based screening tool that measures risk in skills important for safe driving.

CarFit enhances the “fit” between drivers and their vehicles for maximum comfort and safety. Go to

Occupational Therapy practitioners have the skills to evaluate a person's overall ability to operate a vehicle safely and find strategies to stay on the road. Sometimes, an assistive device can make a big difference. Go to and search for “Driving and Community Mobility.”

Greater Baltimore/Washington Region Rides
(301-738-3252): Guaranteed Ride Home provides a free ride home for registered commuters in the Greater Baltimore/Washington region who take transit, or carpool, vanpool, walk or bike to work at least twice weekly. In the event of a personal illness, unexpected family emergency, or unscheduled overtime while you’re at work, Guaranteed Ride Home will arrange for a free taxi ride, free transit ride, or even a free rental car up to four times each year to get you home.

How do I qualify for A Guaranteed Ride Home?
  • You must be registered each year for access to Guaranteed Ride Home benefits.
  • You must use one of the commute modes listed above on the day you request a Guaranteed Ride Home.
  • You must live or work in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area.
  • It’s absolutely free excluding taxes, fuel and gratuity.
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