5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Home Health as a Career

August 15, 2022

Caregiving is a noble career. It requires a lot of skills, technicalities, and knowledge to help patients recover and get back to a healthier state while providing quality care and assistance. Like every career, the work environment plays a huge role in an individual’s life, so having home health care as an option for nurses and caregivers opens doors for a lot of possibilities in terms of time, work-life balance, and other priorities that aren’t found in the traditional setting of a hospital. 
There is also a sense of fulfillment for health care workers to see their patients transition from the hospital to their home, and seeing this progress makes the job worthwhile. 
From the perspective of a patient, more often than not, recovering at home seems like the most ideal setting in contrast to the confinements of a hospital room. Medical and non-medical care workers play a vital role in offering assistance to family caregivers. 
The great thing about home healthcare is that it is accessible to anyone working in the caregiving industry. Whether you are a licensed professional or not, there are many possibilities in finding a position that suits the demands of your lifestyle, family, and personal goals outside of a traditional work setting. Home health opens the opportunity for you to prioritize personal ventures and work around a flexible schedule.

Why Choose Home Health as a Career?

1. Build meaningful connections with patients 

Home health is a great way to find meaning in your career by building meaningful connections with patients. In contrast to the transient state of hospitals where patients come and go, the kind of rapport you build with patients grows to become more substantial over time while seeing the product of your efforts in their recovery. 

So what are the roles of a home health nurse? Home health nurses create, organize, and monitor care plans, and visit patients while being able to visit the patients in their homes. This encourages a much more thoughtful relationship between the patient and the caregiver since a home health nurse can provide personalized care. 
This is also a great way to develop support and coordination between medical providers and the patients while keeping the members of the family in the loop and up to date with their loved ones.

2. Everyday Is A New Learning Experience 

A home health career gives you the chance to switch up your daily work routine, making every day a new experience filled with challenges while encouraging you to grow more in your career. 
Compared to the usual routine visit, home health nurses are also responsible for helping patients exercise and engage in social activities. This works well for patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s since they can enjoy the 1:1 activities. This helps home health nurses get in touch with their creative side by organizing interactive activities such as craft projects, listening to music, or interactive cooking sessions. 
Being involved in the patient’s life can be emotional. Home health care workers need to be able to handle unexpected situations professionally calmly and positively. Having the ability to solve problems under pressure is also a great skill to possess when working in the healthcare industry.  

3. Flexibility in Work Schedules

Searching for a career that allows you to customize your schedule to your needs and other priorities? Home health care is a 24/7 job that allows you to squeeze in other aspects of your life while maintaining a stable career. Home health provides a variety of scheduling options, making work schedules much more flexible than the hospital setting.
A great tip for interested individuals who want to transition to home health care for the flexibility of schedules: coordinate with your scheduler and make sure they know when you are available.
Overall, flexibility in scheduling is possible and this is a great factor in considering home health as a way to manage different aspects of your life. 

4. Develop Specialized Skills

Working in home health care allows you to develop specialized skills for certain conditions. Patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia require specific needs and for healthcare workers that are looking to grow their expertise, home health care could be great exposure for them.
Another great thing about home health care is that patients can vary from the elderly to babies who need special medical attention. This can provide more options to healthcare workers seeking a specific patient demographic that they prefer working with, which in turn enhances their skills in that specific field. 
This also helps align the caregiver’s interests with the patient’s condition and needs. Furthermore, this benefits the employee-employer relationship by creating a mutually beneficial understanding in terms of work assignments. These factors, this overall contributes to the growing industry that is home health care, accommodating to the wide variety of patients and their needs.

5. Build a Long-Term Career

The career growth in home health care is exponential. One of the great things about home health is that healthcare workers can begin practicing as home health nurses, gain further education, and seek to advance in their careers. This allows employees to strengthen their skills and knowledge by gaining experiences that can help these skills develop. All while creating a positive impact on the lives of their patients. 
This is why BrightStar Care, an independently owned and operated group of agencies, provides numerous positions that allow individuals to create a difference in the lives of our patients. 


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