The Joys of Friendship in Caregiving: The Heartwarming Story of Jayne and Doris

November 15, 2022
It is a beautiful thing to see friendships grow in unexpected ways. Jayne met Doris on the first week of March with the intent of helping her get through her days by assisting her in tasks she can’t do on her own: laundry, vacuuming, and most importantly, gardening. This is not just a story of excellent caregiving, but this is also a story of a friendship that flourished organically throughout time. BrightStar Care is proud to recognize Jayne as the 2022 BrightStar Care® Caregiver of the Year for the Northeast Region. 

All Jane knew about Doris before meeting her was that she experienced a hip fracture and needed help doing her day-to-day tasks. She was pleasantly surprised to find out how active and mobile Doris was on her own, so taking up the role of a caregiver seemed natural to Jayne. Caregiving truly is a calling to certain individuals and we are so lucky to have Jayne on our team of talented caregivers who embody caregiving as more than just an occupation. Over time, Jayne and Doris transitioned from caregiver and patient to becoming the best of friends. When talking about Jayne’s journey through gardening, Doris says, “Now Jayne is a gardener and a very good asset. She’s also a very good friend and we’re like two peas in a pod.” 

What makes Jayne a caregiver like no other is her genuine attention to detail and thoughtfulness toward Doris. By taking the initiative to plan Doris’ 90th birthday, Jayne has shown empathy and compassion to her patient and her patient’s loved ones which exceeds everyone’s expectations of her. She not only took up the role of caregiver, but she also took up the role of a genuine friend. 

“Being a caregiver doesn’t just mean that clients are clean and physically taken care of. It means letting them enjoy the things in life that they’ve always had. It’s about quality of life. BrightStar Care recognizes that.” That is the attitude and mindset that we are proud to see in our caregivers, and we are more than honored to award Jayne as the 2022 BrightStar Care® Caregiver of the Year for the Northeast Region. We value the individuality of our clients and the hobbies, activities, and passions that they possess, which is exactly what Jayne highlights through her caregiving methods. Continue developing meaningful relationships with your clients Jayne, and curating a care program built on compassion – all while providing service with a heart. 

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