Why Should Music be Included in a Care Plan for the Elderly?

June 17, 2022

Music has the power to bring people of all ages together, forming connections to significant moments and cherished memories while helping us relax, be more productive, and reduce tension.

For seniors, however, pleasant music might provide even more advantages for physical and mental health, memory, and critical social interactions. So, what are some of the specific ways music enhances the quality of life for older adults in assisted living?

#1: Increased Overall Wellness

Music can arouse strong emotions and recollections, leading to feelings of well-being. Experts believe that music may boost the quality of life for people who have dementia by reminding them of cherished memories.

Music has several other benefits for many older people living in assisted living facilities or remaining at home, including reduced pain and discomfort, improved memory recall of recent events, beneficial mood changes, and a stronger sense of self-reliance.

#2: Exercising in a Positive Way

Music is a great motivator during any activity, including walking, dancing, stretching, and working out. It motivates positive engagement in physical activity, which in return helps seniors retain their independence and regain lost functions due to accidents or illnesses.

Seniors of all ages and levels of fitness may profit from increased activity, from improved muscular strength and flexibility to better heart health, bone density, and balance. Caregivers assist seniors in increasing physical activity at a healthy and safe pace by matching the music to the exercises.

#3: Improving Memory Function

According to specialists, music therapy can boost certain brain chemicals that cause individuals with dementia to experience euphoric emotions. You've probably noticed that music can lift your loved one's spirits and perhaps change their attitude if they have dementia.

Some researchers believe that music not only helps with treating dementia but can also help prevent the disease! As a result, assisted living communities may even make music a focal point, emphasizing well-known tunes that evoke connections to long-ago memories.

#4: A Decrease in Isolation 

Some seniors may have a slew of health issues that make communication more difficult as they age. As a result, isolation might heighten their risk for disease and shorten their lives.

A decrease in isolation among seniors with health issues is critical for their wellbeing. Isolation can lead to mental and physical decline, so it's important that seniors enjoy social interactions. There are several strategies to break away from isolation, such as joining a community organization or participating in musical activities with others. BrightStar Care can also provide a caregiver to help you enjoy these activities!

#5: Music Has the Power to Change People's Lives

Music is an excellent way for seniors to improve their quality of life. It encourages exercise, discourages isolation, and promotes overall mental and physical health benefits for seniors in assisted living. If you're currently caring for a senior, consider these Alzheimer's Association suggestions for selecting music that improves one's quality of life:

  • Choose songs with an upbeat, easygoing sound.

  • Your choices must be consistent with the feelings you want to inspire. An uplifting song, for example, may assist you in recalling happy times.

  • You may clap your hands, sing, or dance to the music.

Learn More about Music for Elder Care at BrightStar Care!

Music is a solid addition to any elderly care plan that improves moods, reduces stress, stimulates memory and cognitive function, and provides comfort and emotional support during difficult times. In addition, you may enhance communication with your loved ones by utilizing music to convey pleasant times together. 

If you care for an elderly loved one or have aging parents, don't forget to ask your healthcare provider about including music therapy as part of their care plan. And if you need help finding quality home health care services that include music therapy, we at BrightStar Care of Bedford, New Hampshire is ready to help! We would be honored to assist you in ensuring your loved ones receive the highest-quality elderly care possible! Call us today at 603-637-4646 for more information!