Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy at Home in Bellaire

Some injuries, illnesses and chronic health conditions can make it difficult for you or your loved one to function at peak capacity. Physical, speech and occupational therapy can help improve or restore your quality of life so you can regain varying levels of safety, independence, confidence and functionality.

Licensed and experienced therapists through BrightStar® Home Care Bellaire will create a customized plan of care to address your unique in-home therapy needs. We provide these services for adults and children.

A brief overview of therapy types is provided below. Please contact us for a detailed list of services offered in Bellaire or to discuss your specific needs.

Physical Therapy

Also referred to as PT, physical therapy is a branch of rehabilitative medicine that uses specially designed exercises and equipment to help individuals retain or improve their physical abilities.

This type of service can range from assisting young children with balance and coordination to hip surgery rehabilitation or stroke recovery.

Speech Therapy

Although it’s often believed that speech therapy is just about the physical act of speaking and articulating words correctly, it actually covers a wide spectrum of services.

This service includes addressing tongue thrust for infants, swallow therapy for patients of all ages, cognitive rehabilitation for individuals who have had a stroke or experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI) like a concussion and many other needs. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) or SLP assistants can provide this in-home care.

Occupational Therapy

Even though this type of therapy has the word “occupational” in its description, it’s not limited to functions needed for employment. While physical therapy is designed to improve or restore motion and strength, occupational therapy (OT) focuses on activities that clients enjoy and need to do in their daily lives — whether that’s as a student, parent, worker or volunteer.

OT considers the complex relationship between the client, the activity and the environment in which the task takes place. This may include household chores, riding the bus to school and navigating the hallways, changes in routines to improve safety, driving and nearly any other day-to-day activity.

Learn About In-Home Support

Occupational, physical and speech therapists through BrightStar® Home Care Bellaire can customize the care you or your loved one needs.

You may not be sure what type of therapy (OT, PT, SLP) you’re looking for. That’s okay. Our team’s professional assessment and recommended plan of care will put you on the path to restored or improved functionality.

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