Aging Adults in Montgomery County and Their Vehicles

October 12, 2018

What are some changes that affect Montgomery County Senior Drivers?

Changes in vision, neck flexibility, and cognition can make driving safely more difficult for seniors, as can other aging-related changes. Don’t ignore them…changing your car or how you drive can help ensure safety.

  • Maryland MVA offers information about various medical conditions and their implications for driver safety on its webpage.
  • Roadwise Review is a home-based screening tool that measures risk in skills important for safe driving.
  • CarFit enhances the “fit” between drivers and their vehicles for maximum comfort and safety. Go to
  • Occupational Therapy practitioners have the skills to evaluate a person's overall ability to operate a vehicle safely and find strategies to stay on the road. Sometimes, an assistive device can make a big difference. Go to www.aota.organd search for “Driving and Community Mobility.”

Check out Montgomery County’s transportation network directory at

Perhaps a bit worried? You aren’t alone.
Staying on the Go! is a mobility program offered by the Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA). A trained social worker works one-on-one, or with family members, on issues related to transitioning away from driving. The goal of the program is to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety about changes in driving, and to develop an action plan for continued mobility. For information, call 301-816-2633.

Join a conversation about staying independent and mobile when you no longer drive.To register for a support group, or to get more information, call Connect-A-Ride at 301.738.3252 or email

Learn about local transportation options from a Certified Mobility Specialist.  To read more please - Click Here

Test-drive alternatives to your car now.

  • Call Connect-a-Ride to discuss your unique situation and transportation options available in our community: 301-738-3252.
  • Or call Connect-a-Ride to register for Ride Smart Travel Training to increase comfort with public transportation: 301-738-3252.

BrightStar Care of San Gaithersburg provides a full continuum of home care services comprised of companionship, personal care, dementia care, transportation, medication assistance, skilled nursing and more to improve clients’ health and quality of life.  

To learn more about our local team of caregivers, skilled healthcare professionals, and home health care support for Gaithersburg families and businesses CLICK HERE