What does being a Caregiver mean?

January 24, 2024
Being-a-Caregiver-Means.JPGDuring new hire training sessions, our staff are asked if they would write something on the board about what being a caregiver means to them. Being in healthcare, whether it be our caregivers, nurse’s, business development, management, or customer care reps – everyone has their “Why” they do it and “What” it means to them. A few of the most common reasons of “What it Means” are – Caring for their clients as they would want their family or friends cared for, Dedication to a client, Being the person that the clients trust to have their needs met, Making a difference in someone’s day/life, and Helping people to stay in their homes, among others. It is very special to be trusted to care for someone in their home environment and we feel honored to provide that care.