Staying Active As an Senior: How to Get Moving Outside

March 27, 2023
Morgan Thomas

As a senior, staying active is crucial for maintaining good health. According to the American Heart Association, seniors should aim to get at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. With spring approaching, there is no better time to get moving outside and enjoy the fresh air. Remember to always consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise routine- they can help you determine what activities are safe and appropriate for you. Staying active as an elder is not only beneficial for physical health, but also for mental health and overall wellbeing. So, get outside and get moving!

Walking: Walking is a low-impact exercise that can be done almost anywhere. Find a local park or trail and take a leisurely stroll. 

Cycling: Another great option for outdoor physical activity is cycling. This is a low-impact exercise that can be done alone or with friends. Cycling can be enjoyed on a leisurely ride around the neighborhood, or as a more intense workout on hills and trails.

Swimming: If you live near a body of water, consider swimming or water aerobics. This is a great option for seniors who may have joint pain or limited mobility. Swimming is a low-impact exercise that provides a full-body workout. Water aerobics is also a great way to get moving and can be done in a group setting.

Gardening : Lastly, gardening is another excellent option for seniors to stay active. Gardening is a low-impact activity that involves digging, planting, and weeding. It's a great way to get some fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, and get your hands dirty. Plus, you can enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor!

Picnicking: Picnicking is a fun and relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time with your elder family member. You can pack a basket with healthy snacks, sandwiches, and drinks, and find a scenic spot to set up your picnic. Picnicking can also be a great opportunity to socialize with other family members or friends.

Bird watching: Bird watching is a peaceful and educational activity that can be done from your backyard or a nearby park. You can use binoculars or a bird guidebook to identify different species of birds, and learn about their behaviors and habitats. Bird watching can also help reduce stress and improve concentration and memory.

Outdoor games: Outdoor games such as frisbee, bocce ball, and horseshoes can be a fun way to stay active and enjoy the sunshine. These games can be played in your backyard or a local park. Outdoor games can also be a great way to bond with your elder family member and other family members or friends.

There are many fun and healthy activities that you can do with your elderly family member during spring. These activities not only promote physical and mental well-being, but also provide opportunities for socialization, learning, and enjoyment of the outdoors. At BrightStar Care, we are committed to providing you and your family with ways to keep your loved ones safe and healthy. For more information about BrightStar and our services, find out more here.