Senior Guide to Staying Active in the Winter

Senior Guide to Staying Active in the Winter

January 23, 2024

The cold and blistery days of winter can keep people wanting to stay indoors where it is warm and cozy. Inside is safe and warm, but it can also become isolated and lonely. This is even more true for seniors as many of them are more sensitive to the colder weather and worry about their safety when they are outside. If you want to make sure the seniors in your life stay active this winter season, continue reading for tips that will help them stay active throughout these winter months. 

  • Encourage Fun Activities It is always easier to get engaged in an activity if it is fun to do, so choose activities that you enjoy doing. Encourage yourself to start the day off with a walk with their pet. Choose to add a brain game to your routine with a morning cup of coffee. Find a dance class around town or take virtual dance lessons in the living room.
  • Find a Partner It is always hard to talk yourself out of an activity if you have someone else you are meeting to do your activity with. This person can be your accountability partner, and may also suggest new activities you wouldn’t have thought of by yourself. You also don’t have to have the same partner for every activity or have your significant other be involved in all the same activities as you are. The other bonus about having a partner for your activities is that you will also add companionship to your daily routine. You will feel less isolated as you interact with others. 
  • Schedule Your Workout “I’ll do it later” is the easiest way to not do it at all. If you are a morning person, schedule your activities in the morning, and converse, if you are a night person, schedule your activities later in the day. Once you choose a time, find someone that will keep you accountable to your schedule. Call your accountability partner before you begin your activities to share your goals for the day. You can also be spontaneous throughout the day as well. During commercial breaks do 10 squats or arm raises. Use soup cans as hand weights and do bicep curls while watching TV.
  • Choose from What is Already Offered Your local chamber of commerce will have a list of different activities that are occurring throughout town. Instead of taking time to plan activities yourself, read through the list of activities that have already been planned and join in on these throughout the week. If you are worried about going alone, ask some of your friends to go along with you and carpool to ensure everyone arrives safely.

Staying active is a choice, so be proactive and begin planning on ways you can continue to stay active throughout the winter. If you have any questions about staying active throughout the winter or any general senior living questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at BrightStar Care CA Chico or call us at 530-332-9699.