Aging Well Book Review

August 5, 2020

Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging

Recently BrightStar Care of Conejo Valley took part In a virtual book club having the opportunity to read Dr. Roger Landry’s philosophy on Living Longer and Dying Shorter. We share this thought provoking read with you to see if it prompts you to look at your life from the outside in and reassess how well you are living your life and aging successfully?

"Successful aging is the ability of a person to take control of one’s own wellness, but not just physical wellness, also their social, spiritual, intellectual, vocational, and emotional wellness. This isn’t about running marathons or swimming 1,000 laps. Rather, successful aging or vital aging or healthy aging or what you’d like to call it underscores the fact that we can have an impact on our outlook, our wellness, and how we live at every stage of our life. Here are 10 tips for successful aging from Dr. Roger Landry, a preventive medicine physician and the Author of “Live Long, Die short”:
  1. Use it or lose it. Keep developing skills.Somehow as we age, we attribute lost ability to getting old, rather than being out of shape or out of practice.
  2. Keep Moving. Use your body.Physical activity is the closest thing to a fountain of youth -even just 30 minutes of walking a day can reduce the risk of many problems.
  3. Challenge your mind.Our mental function depends on neural highways, which we need to use and grow with courses, learning a language, and word games to keep us sharp. We are two times less likely to get dementia if we stay physically and mentally active. 
  4. Stay connected to friends and family.We need human interaction to thrive. Cherish family, rebuild friendships, join clubs and stay open to meeting new people.
  5. Stay colorful and creative.This is my personal favorite! If we follow our hearts desires, we will not get ‘old’.
  6. Beware of the threats.Work to eliminate disease – smoking, obesity, diabetes. Work with your doctor to care for any conditions that you are experiencing or are at risk for.7. Eat for the long haul. Eat a balanced diet and drink lots of water. This is so common sense, but we all struggle with nutrition. What do you need to change in your lifestyle to stay committed to good nutrition?
  7. Have children in your life. They keep us young.If you do not have children in your life, find some at schools, church, or organizations like Big Brother and Big Sisters.
  8. Be needed. Nurture the world. Volunteer. Any activity that gives us a sense of nurturing someone or something – even plants and pets – is beneficial.
  9. Laugh. Humor is the mainstay of life, and stimulates the immune system. The most common trait seen in people ages 100 years or older is a sense of humor and optimism.
We would like to thank Varenita of Simi Valley ( for opening our eyes to this book.  We share this philosophy personally and professionally sharing with our caregivers to help promote these ideologies with our Clients.  Please contact us on 805-233-3800 to learn more about our Higher Standard of Care and helping you age successfully at home.

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