Breaking Down 5 Myths About Homecare

May 11, 2023

Growing old within the comforts of your own home is a desire for most people. With many at-home options to consider, don’t be so quick to rule the possibility out. Look deeper into which kind of care would be best for you or your loved one. Let’s start by FF

Myth #1: Homecare is unaffordable.

Fact: Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance companies will cover home health costs if you meet eligibility requirements to qualify. Home health is different than private, personal homecare, which is paid out of pocket.

Myth #2: Homecare is only for severely ill.

Fact: It is true that home health companies treat individuals who experience serious, chronic illnesses. Home health companies also provide care for individuals who are in recovery after a surgery, illness, or injury. Many doctors order home healthcare for individuals after being discharged from a hospital or a rehab facility to ensure the smooth transition into healing. Occupational and physical therapy can also be provided from home to continue heal and gain strength after something like a knee or hip replacement or recovering and regaining strength following a stroke. Home healthcare providers can help manage medications and notice medical changes that may become problematic. 

Myth #3: In-home caregivers cannot be trusted.

Fact: Home health providers are screened and trained so that the care provided is effective, safe, and trustworthy. Those home health professionals with experience quickly build a relationship with their patients, which brings a level of comfort and rapport that leads to the ability to heal. 
Myth #4: Homecare is not an option for individuals who require 24-hour care.
Fact: 24-hour care is a possibility for some people. When experiencing illnesses and conditions that require around the clock care, accommodating services and care can be provided full or part-time. Customizable care allows the needed care to be provided in such a way that meets your loved one’s needs from the comforts of home. 

Myth #5: Homecare isn’t necessary if there is already a family caregiver.

Fact: It is a true gift to have family who are willing to be caregivers. Being able to care for one another with an already established bond and relationship of trust is a wonderful situation. Often adult children and other relatives play role of caregiver for your loved one by aiding with personal hygiene, cooking meals, cleaning, and providing transportation to various events. 

Having a family member as a caregiver is amazing. Allow space for that family member to be able to have self-care. They likely have a job, other family members to care for, and their own needs to address. Hiring in home respite care can be a way to provide in home care while the family caregiver is doing things that he or she needs to be able to do for him/ herself. 

BrightStar Care

Homecare is more affordable than maybe you realized, and BrightStar Care can help. Check out our services and contact us today for more information.