How In-Home Care Can Help Your Family

June 12, 2023

Aging in Place Can Mean Leaning on Loved Ones

As people grow older, they often experience a decline in health that makes them rely on others more heavily than they have before. The Boomer generation is reaching the later years of life now, and as more and more of them are choosing to age in place, their family members are finding themselves in the role of caregiver. It can be rewarding to give back to the people who gave you so much in your early life, but it can also be a challenge, caring for your loved ones while maintaining a career and caring for your own family. Having some help can allow you to spend quality time with your older loved ones without feeling overwhelmed by the task of caring for them. 

In-Home Caregivers Can Offer Practical Help

In some cases, an older adult might need support for complex health needs. A home care worker who is trained and certified can provide your loved one with care, oversee medications, or help with recovery after an operation or accident. There are also in-home caregivers who can provide nutritional counseling and prepare meals, or even help feed older people who have trouble swallowing. This is important, because malnutrition can be a major issue for older people, who may not have much of an appetite or might forget to eat. In-home caregivers can also help your loved one get enough exercise, in some cases providing a personalized daily exercise program. On the other hand, some of the help that might be needed could be much more basic than that. Maybe your loved one needs rides to doctor’s appointments or to the grocery store. Sometimes older people need help with household chores, or even personal care like grooming, dressing, and bathing. An in-home aide can provide this kind of care, helping older people maintain their independence and dignity while continuing to live in their own homes. 

Older People Can Thrive with In-Home Help

The benefits of the familiarity of home cannot be overstated. With in-home help, older people can stay in familiar surroundings without having to give up their favorite things or their beloved pets. For those with progressive cognitive conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s, the security of familiar surroundings is particularly beneficial. Because many people desire to age in place, allowing them to stay home with a caregiver is a respectful way to honor their wishes. Feeling respected, with their wishes heard, helps to support older people’s emotional and mental health. The care given by an in-home aide is personalized and family centered, helping the family to stay connected. Additionally, one major problem for older people is a feeling of being isolated and lonely, and having a caregiver in the home can alleviate this loneliness, providing more satisfaction with life in general. In home caregivers don’t just provide medical and practical support, they also provide companionship. 

Caregivers Benefit from Having Some Assistance

Even if you are committed to caring for your loved one, you may feel pressured by too many responsibilities. According to research from the National Caregiver Alliance and AARP, about half of family caregivers also work a full-time job, and about 11 percent work part time. Taking time off for caregiving responsibilities can cause complications at work, and work responsibilities can pull you away from your caregiving role. It can all become overwhelming, but having an in-home caregiver can make things easier. When you know your loved one is in good hands, you can focus on your life and career. What’s more, you can call in a professional caregiving when you need a break to spend time with your own children, on holidays and vacations, or when you just need a day off. You can consider an in-home caregiver to be the kind of reinforcements you can call in to help you manage your work-life balance. If you are trying to care for your loved one long distance, this kind of care can be particularly essential, because an in-home care giver can afford you the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone is caring for an important person in your life when you can’t be there. 

The Right Care to Support Your Family

Caring for a loved one can be difficult and sometimes emotionally draining, but having the right help can help you make the most of your time together. That’s why at BrightStar Care of Delray Beach, Florida, we work hard to deliver the right care for older people and to be a partner their loved ones can turn to for support. Because we believe that caring is more than just a job, our team of nurses, therapists, CNAs, and caregivers offer the most professional compassionate care available. In the comforting, familiar surroundings of home, we offer a full range of care services to meet your loved one’s needs and help you when you need it most. Visit our website to contact us or apply now, or call 561-921-0550 to learn more about joining the BrightStar Care family.