Our Director of Nursing

Jenny Haugen Naylor RN, DON

Jenny has been in the healthcare industry for over 25 years and a nurse for 22 of those years. She initially started out as a CNA at Mercy Hospital on the oncology unit. This is where she discovered her passion and calling to serve others and she decided to become a nurse. During nursing school she moved through several different disciplines at the hospital, ie: CNA, phlebotomist, surgical tech, and then finally settling into and specializing as a nurse in postpartum and newborn care. She worked on Mercy's Mother Baby Unit for over 21 years and loved every minute of caring for new and experienced parents and their snuggly, precious babies! In 2017, while still working as a hospital mother\baby nurse she became interested in a new population of patients. She began working in home care during her days off from the hospital. Jenny quickly discovered that she was drawn to experience the lives of more "seasoned" individuals. She enjoyed seeing and hearing the wisdom of lives long- and well-lived. A new calling was forming in her heart to shift her attention and nursing expertise to older adults. Good bye babies, hello baby boomers! She has worked with lives from their first breath to their last. She worked for a short time as a hospice nurse but decided to come back to the bedside of home care in the end. Jenny is passionate about seeing every person as a unique individual, not defined only by the disease they suffer from or the need that they are experiencing, but as a whole life. She understands that a skilled level of caregiving alone cannot offer reassurance to a person or family struggling to take care of themselves or a loved one. Caregiving requires and encompasses trust, compassion, relationship, grace, empathy, joy, and passion. She has been taken care of and she has been a caregiver. Both can be difficult but each role can make such a remarkable difference in the lives of those on both sides. Jenny knows that it is a privilege to be a nurse and serve you and your family. She will advocate for you to receive the most comprehensive care that you deserve to bring back and maintain your independence, quality of life, and the most fundamental requirement that every person longs for - peace of mind. For Jenny, being a nurse has never been a career. It has always been about answering the call to serve the one in front of you.