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About BrightStar Care® of E. Richmond

Here at Brightstar Care of East Richmond, we understand the challenges that people face today when it comes to finding good quality home care for themselves or for loved ones. From your first phone call, we will explore your needs and will put our expertise to work for you and your loved one with a passion to deliver 24/7. Owners, Kenneth Lynch, Margaret and John Howell, strive to not only provide excellent care to our clients, but to also provide compassion to our staff of caregivers, too. In today’s healthcare, caregivers are overworked and undervalued which can result in a decline in patient care. Our office staff work tirelessly with our caregivers in the field to ensure that they are taken care of so that we can continue to deliver a higher standard of care with our clients.

Serving the people and organizations in our communities

At BrightStar Care of E. Richmond, we believe in giving more. Not only to the people we serve, but also to our community. We do it through a variety of high-quality, compassionate care and unparalleled support for our local healthcare system—making our clients’ best lives possible and the E. Richmond community stronger than ever. Now that’s what we call, “A higher standard.”

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Here at BrightStar Care, we know that it's hard and sometimes scary to look for and choose a caregiver to take care of a loved one, or even yourself. We understand the stress that is involved... the phone calls, the interviews, going over budgets to see what and who you can afford. By the end of the day, you're exhausted and just feel defeated because it feels like you haven't made any progress.
We understand. We have been there. Our office staff have been through those phone calls, those interviews, the financial planning. We've experienced the struggle in finding quality, compassionate home care for our families. That's why we work tirelessly to ensure that our process is easy. That people don't feel exhausted after getting off the phone, instead, they feel relieved. Relieved that they have found someone who will care for their family (or, themselves) as much as they do. 
We provide honest, quality, compassionate home care. No hidden fees, no small print.
Our team is available to you and your family 24/7, we have different options when it comes to our services. 
Let BrightStar Care of East Richmond be that relieving phone call for you. 

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