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Our experienced and compassionate staff is dedicated to caring for your loved one as if they were family. Get to know our team.

  • Margaret Howell

    Margaret Howell, a born and raised Virginian started her career in the healthcare field in 2007. She held a multitude of different roles in different healthcare settings, before deciding with her husband who was also her high school sweetheart, to start their own business in caring for others. This was also a great opportunity to pass on and continue instilling the importance of empathy and helping others into their son, who is currently serving in the US Air Force, and daughter who is a student.
    Along with that, Margaret has a very personal reason for becoming a BrightStar Care owner. The previous position she held in a facility, she realized that no matter what level you hold in the administrative side of healthcare, you always must satisfy the quotas set by corporate. They never saw the day-to-day operations, they never worked alongside patients and nurses, they would only go by what the numbers said in the reports. Whereas Margaret first-hand witnessed daily the lack of care provided due to unhappy and overworked employees who felt they had no voice in the matter. She no longer wanted to be part of an organization that didn’t value the care of patients and their employees.
    BrightStar is a perfect fit for Margaret. When caring for a loved one was in question, there is no other organization that is more family oriented because it was built by family, so they can care for other’s loved ones as family.
  • Jennifer Do

    Branch Manager
    Jennifer has been in the medical field for over 16 years. Grew up in Northern Virginia. She moved down to Richmond and joined BrightStar Care in 2018 with the same vision as the owners, her sister Margaret and brother in law John Howell. Working together to help build this family owned business. A passion to deliver the best care to local families and the community. Through her years witnessing how patients and employees being treated in the corporate settings. She wanted to help make a difference and show the compassion and kindness in each individual.
  • Susan Stiles

    Client Care Manager
    A native Floridian, Susan has called Virginia home for the last 20 years and has served others in the medical field for most of her career. She was the primary caregiver for her parents for over 10 years and has an intimate understanding of the needs of Brightstar's clients. She is committed to providing the same level of care for your family. Susan has a bachelor's degree in Health Service Administration and is also a Certified Medical Assistant. In her free time, Susan enjoys spending time with her family and grandchildren, she also enjoys traveling, hiking, history, and movies.
  • Allison Miller

    Community Relations Manager
    Allison has worked in the healthcare field in both human and veterinary medicine for over 10 years. She was born and raised in Mechanicsville, and is currently living here with her husband and son, along with their three cats and dog. After years of working in healthcare, Allison has seen the ups and downs when it comes to patient care. She joined the Brightstar team in 2022 knowing that she was going to be working with a company that valued patient care as much as she did. In her free time, she enjoys the company of her family and a good book. 

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