BrightStar Care of Fairfax is Now Offering COVID-19 Rapid Testing, PCR Testing and Antibody Testing

November 2, 2021
To Schedule a COVID-19 Test: COVID-19 Appointment

How To Get a PCR, Rapid, or Antibody Test
1) Book an Appointment Online - Fill out your paperwork in advance on your phone.
2) Get Tested at Our Drive-Through Location - Our trained professionals will perform a swab test for COVID-19 or draw a blood sample for antibodies.
3) Get Results in Your Patient Portal - You’ll receive an email with a link to your results on our secure HIPAA-compliant patient portal.

What Is the Difference Between the Tests?
> Comparing PCR, Rapid, and Antibody Tests
> PCR and rapid tests detect a current infection of COVID-19 in your body.
> PCR and rapid tests use a nasal/throat swab to collect a sample, which is then processed to determine the presence of the virus.

Antibody tests check your immune system to see if you’ve had COVID-19 before.
> Antibody tests take a blood sample and check for antibodies in your blood, which your immune system produces to fight off viruses.

For additional information or to schedule your online appointment click here: COVID-19 Appointment