Employee Of The Month

  • February 2024 Employee of the Month

    Deja, Caregiver
    Deja more than deserves this recognition. She has been with a client since the start of her employment with us and she has completely rocked it! The client and his wife think of her as their daughter and Deja has really managed to connect with them in a special way. She is such a blessing in that home and a calming presence for the husband and wife, who are both suffering from Dementia. We are so grateful to have her on our team!
  • January 2024 Employee of the Month

    Neftali, Caregiver

    Neftali has consistently shown how much he truly cares for each client he provides care for with his gentle demeaner and quality service. He is very compassionate, dedicated and is very much deserving of this recognition. In a home full of medical professionals (client is a Doctor and his daughter is a nurse) he has not only lived up to but exceeded their expectations for care. He has filled shifts for other clients at our request willingly and in each case, they always want him to return again.  We are so grateful to have him on our team.

    Get to know Neftali:

    Why do you love being a caregiver? I like helping senior citizens improve their quality of life.
    What do you like most about being a caregiver? By making an impact in my client's lives.
    What is your proudest accomplishment? Being able to travel.
    What hobbies and activities do you enjoy when not caring for others? Shopping and spending as much time as I can with my dog.
  • December 2023 Employee of the Month

    Belinda, Certified Nurses Assistant
    Belinda's selflessness and care for others, particularly our clients, is commendable. Her compassion and commitment to others is truly admirable. We are honored to have her as a crucial member of our team. 
    Get to know Belinda:
    Why do you love being a caregiver? I love being a caregiver because I like to help people. 
    What do you like most about being a caregiver? Each client has different needs, but they all need help. 
    What is your proudest accomplishment? Being a caregiver for over 17 years. I feel so happy after clients receive help. Their smiles are what keeps me being a caregiver.


  • November 2023 Employee of the Month

    Haseena, Director of Recruiting
    We are thrilled to recognize our Director of Recruiting, Haseena, as our Employee of the Month! With her exceptional work ethic and passion for creating a thriving work culture, she truly embodies the core values of our company. Congratulations to Haseena on this well-deserved achievement! 
  • October 2023 Employee of the Month

    Sarah P., RN Community Liaison
    Sarah consistently goes above and beyond for the team and our clients. Specifically, her work with a recent client. His son called requesting 24/7 care at the end of a Friday work day. Sarah not only did the living room visit, but when we could not secure a nurse for the assessment and immediate start of care, without hesitation, she went back to the client. She then went even further and called all the caregivers staffed to the case to review the plan of care. Sarah even waited for the caregiver staffed for the overnight shift to arrive and did the intro. with her. All this on a Friday night and without complaining or hesitation.
    Sarah also puts in all the hard work and dedication needed for her on-call nights, delivering exceptional results every time. 

    We appreciate all of the care and effort she puts into every task!
  • September 2023 Employee of The Month

    Annie, Caregiver

    We are so proud of Annie and the wonderful service she has provided to her clients and their families for the past 3 years! We are particularly honored that she has been nominated by her client's family as a 2023 Caregiver of the Year Nominee. We are inspired by her care and attention every day.

    Here is what the nominating family had to say about Annie, "Ms. Meza has been my father's primary caregiver for the past 18 months. She is an exceptionally caring, diligent, and friendly person who has improved the quality of my father's life and brought him much happiness. Our family could not be more happy with Ms. Meza and thanks to her we feel as though our father is in good hands whenever we're not able to visit him as frequently as we would like to."

  • August 2023 Employee of the Month

    Rahnita, Caregiver
    Rahnita always answers the call when help is needed. She takes excellent care of her clients. We are so happy to have Rahnita on our BrightStarCare team.
    Get to Know Rahnita:
    Why did you decide to become a caregiver? To be able to help and brighten the days of those in need.
    What do you like most about being a caregiver? The stories and wisdom that gets passed down while you are with a client.
    What is your proudest accomplishment? My kids.
    What hobbies and activities do you enjoy when not caring for others? I enjoy doing hair, bowling, and sports.

  • July 2023 Employee of the Month

    Samuel, Caregiver

    The excellent care Samuel provides to his clients is outstanding. His generosity towards their extended families shows just how an amazing person you are. Thank you for joining BrightStar Care family!

  • June 2023 Employee of the Month

    Jillion, Caregiver
    Jillion was selected our Employee of the Month because she recently went above and beyond for a client and her family. The memories they made will last a lifetime.

    Get to know Jillion:
    Why did you decide to become a caregiver? I am recently retired but I enjoy helping others. Being a caregiver allows me to continue to give back.
    What is your proudest accomplishment? Becoming a Christian. Being involved in the community.
    What are your hobbies and interests? Going to church, spending time with family, and photography.

  • May 2023 Employee of the Month

    Alison, Registered Nurse
    Alison is one of the most kind and compassionate nurses we ever had the pleasure of working with. She's dedicated to providing exceptional service, and consistently demonstrates the BrightStar's core values. She is also always ready to pick-up shifts, or start a shift early to help accommodate her co-workers.
  • April 2023 Employee of The Month

    Nadia, Certified Nurses Assistant

    Her willingness to go anywhere for a client never goes unnoticed. We are so thankful for all she does for our team at BrightStar Care.

    Get to know Nadia:
    Why did you become a caregiver? Every since I was in hight school, I have always wanted to take care of people.
    When you are not helping others, how to you spend your time? I like to read and sing.
  • March 2023 Employee of The Month

    Brittany, LPN

    Congratulations to our LPN, Brittany! She have selected our Employee of the Month.
    Brittany has been with us for one year. She goes above and beyond when it comes to caring for her client's. She will work late nights, weekends, whenever or wherever is needed and always with a cheerful attitude. This is a well deserved recognition.

  • February 2023 Employee of the Month

    Jemima, Home Health Aide

    We love her willingness to jump in and help whenever we need extra assistance. Thank you for all your hard work!

    Get To Know Jemima:
    Favorite movie: Titanic
    Who is your hero? My mom!
    What makes you laugh the most? Comedy movies
    Proudest accomplishment: Being a support to my family.
    Why do you love being a caregiver? Because of the satisfaction of helping others in need.
  • January 2023 Employee of the Month

    Britney, Home Health Aide

    Britney is always cheerful and a valuable member of our BrightStar Care family.

    Get to know Britney:
    Why did you become a caregiver? I became a caregiver because I enjoy the one-on-one interaction with people. Helping others gives me a heartwarming feeling.
    Who is you hero? My mom! She is the bravest, most hardworking person I know.
    Things you may not know about Britney: I am obsessed with dogs. I like to go bowling, and my favorite movie is Mr. Morbius.