Our Staff at BrightStar Care® Freehold

Our experienced and compassionate staff is dedicated to caring for your loved one as if they were family. Get to know our team.

  • Kelley Bailen

    Co-Owner & President of BrightStar Care® of Northern Middlesex County & Freehold, NJ
    Kelley is very proud of the services provided by her team and the work that is done every day – truly making a difference for people. Kelley feels that the most important part of patient care is “treating your patients as family… always giving them the same respect, time and care that you would expect for your own loved ones.” Having lived in New Jersey for over 22 years. Kelley understands the needs of the local community and is proud to provide the finest healthcare services available, wherever and whenever you need them. Kelley is also very appreciative of ALL our BrightStar Care team. Providing quality homecare services is a team effort – dedication, hardwork, compassion and true love for caring. In her spare time, Kelley enjoys watching movies, traveling, volunteering, and most- importantly spending quality time with her family. You can reach Kelley anytime at kelley.bailen@brightstarcare.com
    Kelley Bailen
  • Andy Bailen

    Co-Owner & CEO of BrightStar Care® of Northern Middlesex County & Freehold, NJ
    Andy has over 30 years of experience as a senior executive in consumer-facing businesses. His career includes roles as President & CEO of KB Toys, Head of Specialty Retail at Toys "R" Us, EVP of Merchandising & Marketing at Party City, and EVP at Alex Brands (a private equity rollup). With significant experience in P&L management, strategic planning, business development, team building, marketing, and finance, Andy's skills complement Kelley's perfectly.  Andy believes that providing our clients with truly superb care is a must and is thrilled that he and Kelley are very fortunate to work with an outstanding team of caregivers and business leaders who are equally committed to offering a higher quality of care. He hopes to continue to grow the business so we can serve many more families throughout central New Jersey. In addition to his role at Brightstar Care, Andy serves on the advisory boards of Doughnuttery and the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business at Adelphi University. You can reach Andy anytime at Andy.Bailen@BrightstarCare.com.
    Andy Bailen
  • Linda Hill

    Branch Manager – Freehold Office

    Linda has been an LPN for 48 years. She began her professional career at a local hospital. on a very challenging adult med-surg floor. She cared for patients who were dependent on being trach/vent or extensive rehabilitation along with hospice care.

    After 8 years of hospital floor care, Linda decided to fine tune her love and passion  for providing care beyond a hospital setting and took a leap of faith into the world of Home Health Care. This is where Linda has spent the last 40 years, dedicating her time and skills to families and patients. Her goal has always been adding to her client’s quality of life, by keeping families together. This meant (and means) ensuring patients remain in their own homes, while working for a speedy recovery or for the peace of mind of passing on, surrounded by loved ones.  Linda has been a superb leader for the Brightstar Care family since 2015.  

    Linda truly enjoys spending time with her own family, and is proud to be a mother, Grandmother and oh yes, a Great Grandmother.

    She reminds us often to “Always follow your passion and enjoy Life!!!!”.

    You can reach Linda anytime at Linda.Hill@brightstarcare.com.

    Linda Hill
  • Kerry Campbell

    Branch Manager
    Kerry been a team member since January 2012. Ms. Campbell was a Certified Home Health Aide for two years, which began her career in healthcare – she has now been in healthcare for over 11 years now. Kerry’s major strengths include her compassion towards others in need, multitasking capability, being easy-going and not letting the stress impact her tone or demeanor. Kerry has excellent customer service skills, and is truly a great listener. She loves helping the Elderly population, especially knowing that in homecare we are assisting seniors live independently in the comfort of their home. On her spare time, Kerry enjoys doing arts and crafts with her children, sewing, reading, and cooking. Ms. Campbell has participated in numerous bike rides, runs, and walks for charity, including doing the “Walk to End Alzheimer’s Disease” for over five years! You can reach Kerry at kerry.campbell@brightstarcare.com.
    Kerry Campbell
  • Sue Schneider RN-BC

    Director of Nursing

    Sue began her healthcare career in 2004 as a Patient Care Technician in her local hospital's Emergency Room. Realizing her compassion and desire to help others, Sue advanced her career by becoming a Registered Nurse in 2009. Sue worked in the hospital setting for the first 10 years of her career serving as an RN, Charge Nurse and Nursing Supervisor in Med Surge, Post OP GI/GU, Remote Tele, ICU float pool and the Emergency Room while obtaining her ANCC Board Certification in Medical/Surgical care. 

    Looking to expand her knowledge beyond the hospital setting, Sue transitioned into homecare over 5 years ago where she has served as a Field/Case Manager, Clinical Manager and now the Director of Nursing of our Brightstar Care team since February 2024. 

    Sue brings her outlook on life into her medical profession by saying "We can't control what life hands us, but we can control how we react and respond to it". In her free time Sue enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling and gardening. 

    You can reach Sue at Sue.Schneider@Brightstarcare.com

    Sue Schneider RN-BC
  • Kristen Atkinson, BSN-RN

    Assistant Director of Nursing
    Kristen started working for Brightstar Care of Northern Middlesex County in March of 2023. Kristen began working in the medical field in 2012 as a Pediatric Medical Assistant. After finding her passion for being able to help those in need, she pursued her dreams of becoming a Registered Nurse in 2019. Her resiliency was tested beginning her nursing career during the Covid pandemic as she gave every patient the utmost care and attention. Kristen is extremely personable, compassionate, and a great asset to our team. In her free time, Kristen loves spending time with her friends and family, traveling and hiking. Kristen decided to join the Brightstar Care Family to be able to mentor and share her knowledge with each caregiver and continue to provide compassionate care to every client. She truly believes in treating others the way she would want her own loved ones to be treated. You can reach Kristen at Kristen.Atkinson@brightstarcare.com 
    Kristen Atkinson, BSN-RN
  • Holly Tarwacki, RN

    Nurse Manager

    Holly began working in the medical field in 2010 as Certified Medical Assistant and Office Manager for an adult primary care practice. It was during that time, Holly realized her lifelong goal was to obtain her nursing degree and to further help those in need. She accomplished that goal in 2019 and began working in the hospital during the Covid-19 Pandemic. During her time working as an RN in the hospital, Holly obtained her board certification in her specialty and went on to become a DAISY award honoree, which is an award given to nurses for the extraordinary compassionate, skillful care they provide patients and families.

    Holly has worked in a variety of healthcare settings , including hospitals, primary care, and currently home health care. She is passionate about providing quality care while remaining mindful of her patients' individual preferences and needs. In addition to her career in nursing, Holly enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and gardening. You can reach Holly at Holly.Tarwacki@brightstarcare.com

    Holly Tarwacki
  • Zina Balazse MSN-RN

    Program Manager – Special Initiatives

    Zina began working in the medical field in 2015 as a Laboratory Technician. After realizing that she loves the patient aspect of her job, she transitioned into the hospital setting as a Unit Representative. During this time, she went to nursing school and became an Office Manager and Vaccine Coordinator for a pediatric practice. Her love of helping the sick has stuck with her ever since. 

    Zina became a Registered Nurse in 2019 and walked straight into the COVID pandemic where she gave all of her time and effort into helping her patients in their greatest time of need. After caring for the adult population for almost 2 years, she transitioned to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and put her nursing skills to the test by taking care of premature and sick infants. 

    She is compassionate, a fast learner, bonds with her patients and families, and loves caring for everyone around her. Zina joined Brightstar Care in April of 2024 and has fallen in love with the family-centered care focus of the company. 

    In her free time, she loves to spend time with her husband, toddler, and her family and friends as well as travel and try new foods. You can reach Zina at Zina.Balazse@brightstarcare.com 

    Zina Balazse
  • Tanya Hutcheson

    Senior Client Care Manager
    Tanya joined Brightstar Care of North Middlesex in October 2022. She brings over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry to the team. Tanya’s specialties include Medical Billing and Coding, administration, as well as caregiver and client relations. Tanya has great customer service skills and loves providing a listening ear and superb support to ensure Brightstar Care provides the BEST quality of service. Tanya is also a mother of two amazing daughters, enjoys playing bingo in her spare time, and has her own aromatherapy candle business. You can reach Tanya at tanya.hutcheson@brightstarcare.com
    Tanya Hutcheson
  • Gaby Chaca

    Associate Client Care Manager

    Gaby joined the Bright Star team in December, 2023. Gaby has over 8 years' experience in the medical field. She began her career as an ER Registration Representative and moved her way up to become a Pediatric Medical Secretary. In this role, Gaby specialized in outpatient scheduling and customer service. This experience has allowed her to perfect her multitasking skills and resilience while working under pressure. 

    When she’s not helping clients and caregivers, Gaby loves to spend time with her family, and close friends. She loves traveling, cooking, and going to the movies. You can reach Gaby anytime at Gaby.chaca@brightstarcare.com

     Gaby Chaca
  • Stacy Izzo

    Sales and Business Development Manager

    Stacy joined Brightstar Care of Greater Monmouth & Middlesex Counties in December of 2023.

    Stacy has over 25 years of experience in multiple medical and educational settings. As a licensed speech-language pathologist, she has taken pleasure in helping patients of all ages maximize their confidence and independence.  Stacy has a background in pharmaceutical sales and clinical supervision, which has afforded her a unique perspective on all aspects of the healthcare industry. Stacy is a true "people-person" who welcomes the opportunity to enrich the lives of her clients.  Stacy enjoys travelling, concerts, sports, and spending time with her husband and 4 sons.  You can reach Stacy anytime at Stacy.Izzo@brightstarcare.com.

    Stacy Izzo
  • Katerina Drobysheva

    HR & Recruiting Manager
    Katerina joined BrightStar Care® of Northern Middlesex in 2023. She has Human Resources Recruitment and Development experience as well as  experience in the healthcare industry . Katerina is an expert in all aspects of HR recruitment, including screening, interviewing, and selection. She has a proven track record of success in helping companies identify, attract, and retain top talent. Katerina strives to promote and support a variety of different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives at workplace. She has great organizational skills, social awareness, and compassion for people. She speaks 4 languages : English, Russian, French, and Bengali. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family, cooking and enjoying outdoor activities. You can reach Katerina at ekaterina.mu@brightstarcare.com.
    Katerina Drobysheva
  • Kelly Gleeson

    HR & Recruiting Manager

    Kelly joined the BrightStar team in Aug 2023. She is a dedicated, determined, resilient and hard-working woman with a big heart and a wicked sense of humor. She is married to her forever Johnny, and together they have a beautiful family of four - Sophia, William, Aubrey and Jon. Kelly has a number of years of experience in healthcare - working as a Scheduler for Oncology, Vascular, Bariatric, Colorectal, Gastro; as a Unit Sec Tech for Trauma and Med Surge Step Down at Morristown Hospital, and as a Patient Rep and Registrar in Urgent Care. Kelly also studied nursing in college. She is a great leader, as well as a supportive team player! Kelly loves to spend time with her family and friends, is an amazing cook, enjoys helping those in need, and leaving her mark in life. She is a nurturer at heart, can make anything happen when she puts her mind to it, works hard and plays hard. 

    You can reach her at Kelly.Gleeson@BrightStarCare.com.

    Kelly Gleeson
  • Lillian Harris

    Office Administrator & Certified Home Health Aide
    Lillian has been working for BrightStar Care® of Northern Middlesex since November 2015. She has had past experiences in healthcare, being a Dietician Aide and a Phlebotomist. Lillian enjoys making her clients smile, going the extra mile to make them feel comfortable, and “helping them with anything I can do for them.” Lillian’s organizational skills, her attention to detail and her love for the BrightStar Care team has made Lillian an invaluable asset in the office. In her spare time, Lillian loves to shop and also to spend quality time with her grandson. Lillian is fluent in Spanish and English. You can reach her at lillian.harris@brightstarcare.com
    Lillian Harris

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