Keeping Elderly Minds Sharp: A Healthy Lifestyle = a Healthy Mind.

April 25, 2023
We often associate ‘brain games’ with a healthy mind. But for the elderly, maintaining cognitive health
means more than mental stimulation through the use of puzzles, games and even crafts.
Rather, an overall healthy lifestyle can lead to a healthy mind in the elderly. A fit standard of living is key
and includes healthy eating and physical exercise as well as cognitive stimulation.
Physical activity that maintains cardiac fitness and vascular health can take care of your brain as well. 
Preferably thirty minutes of exercise every day, or at least three times a week, allows for cardiovascular
benefits.  This vascular health and maintenance translates into a sharp mind for seniors.
In addition to physical health, diet contributes to brain health and protects against cognitive decline. 
Five servings of fruits and vegetables a day should be consumed, as well as fish once or twice a week. 
Trans and saturated fats should always be avoided. 
Finally, elders should engage in mentally challenging activities like reading, crossword puzzles, sudoku
puzzles, games and brain teasers. More advanced cognitive stimulation comes from learning a new
language or musical instrument and also keeps minds active and occupied.  They are also very enjoyable
Tracy Brady, Executive Director at BrightStar Care of Naples/Ft. Meyers says “the challenge with the
elderly is often finding the motivation and interest in making the effort.” That’s where non medical in-
home care services can help. A daily visit from a BrightStar Care home health aid, for example, can help
ensure a healthy daily routine and can become a welcome companion that engages your elder in
conversation, outings and other activities that help boost a healthy mind.