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    Nurse-to-Patient Ratio: Why is it Important?

    December 30, 2022

    To ensure patient safety, nurses play an essential role in providing direct patient care while ensuring the health of patients. In addition to providing a constant presence at the bedside, nurses are also regularly interacting with physicians, pharmacists, families, and other members of the health care team and they play a huge role in the timely coordination of care and communicating the patient's condition to all members of the team. 

    Among the many tasks nurses perform to ensure patient safety, they monitor patients for clinical deterioration, identify errors and near misses, understand care processes and weaknesses in some systems, identify changes in patient condition, and perform countless other tasks.

    Nursing staff who are responsible for too many patients are at risk of becoming stressed out and making medical mistakes as a result of being in charge of a hectic patient panel, according to the Committee on Nursing Responsibilities. The Massachusetts Nurses Association commissioned a survey in 2018 that found nearly three-quarters of registered nurses feel their workload is impacted by too many patients being assigned at the same time. 

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    Patient Care for People with Developmental Disabilities

    Caring for a loved one with developmental disabilities can be challenging. It is not only important to take care of their physical well-being, but also to support them emotionally. There are many ways to support patients with developmental disabilities and we will discuss them in this guide to help you learn how to do so. From helping with daily activities to managing medication schedules, we got you covered. We hope that this guide will help make the caregiving process a little bit easier for you!